Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finally a day off!

So our pentathalon is done, rooms are picked, and no more trying to drop weight (not that I plan on gaining weight or anything, just sayin'). So today? Eating whatever I want.

No running, no erging, no biking... just me and food. I need a some alone time haha. I can't tag this entry as running can I?

edit: I went to Silvermoon Bakery for another chocolate chip brioche (it wasn't warm this time, boo... but still rather good). Followed by a trek down to 78th(?) to 'Big Nick's Diner.' My namesake, haha. I have a story for that that deserves its own post, so I'll be writing a partial review later on. No pictures of the food though, since it was rather unexpected after a night of long studying.


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