About Photos

HDR of fishpond (龍山寺)

Yay a fish!

No seriously though, if you happen to like one of my photos enough that you'd like to use it for... well, whatever, please at least link back to the original (either the Flickr page or my blog), and it'd be nice if you let me know too! If you steal any of my photos, I will be forced to engage in fisticuffs with you. No, I probably won't win, but I assure you that I'll make it very unpleasant for both of us.

For everything prior to June 2010, I used a Casio Z80. Currently, I have a Canon Kiss x3 (otherwise known as the Rebel T1i in the US), which I probably don't deserve to own.  I justify this as... "I need something to make up for the fact that I'm not so skilled in photography."  I should work on that.  Probably.