Monday, September 6, 2010

Tofu pudding and more tofu pudding (豆花莊)

花生豆花 (豆花莊)

There's something about tofu pudding that never gets old. It might be the fact that the tofu portion is so freakin' jiggly and smooth and is fun to play with, or it might be the fact that you can top it with whatever the fuck you want, but it's most likely the fact that you basically get to drink a bowl of straight syrup, which is just awesome. Yes, I'm the kid that got yelled at as a kid for drinking syrup from the bottle, so of course I'd love it. Naturally, I justify this by telling myself that some of the toppings are good for you, and that I'm essentially eating tofu... which in itself is wonderfully healthy. Basically I lie to myself, but I don't really care. If I see a 豆花 place, it's basically like the attraction of a flame to moth... I just can't help it.

This is another thing that 遼寧夜市 (Liao Ning Night Market) is crazy sick at, by the way. Anyway, the most legitimate of 豆花 places in the night market is an establishment that goes by the name of 豆花莊 or 'Dou Hua Pavilion,' and yes... all they serve is tofu pudding. They take their pudding seriously. The bowl above is the traditional peanut laden tofu pudding, which is the standard for me. Super soft peanut stewed in sugar syrup is spread across slivers of tofu pudding and served in a pool of simple syrup (no ginger flavoring here). Their version is pretty remarkable, although, I say that about almost every tofu pudding place... so that that with a grain of salt. The tofu was about as smooth as I've ever had, with a strong soy flavor still present, the peanuts were soft to the point of being creamy, and the syrup... well, come on, it's syrup for crying out loud, of course it was good. Served chilled for 30 NT (LESS THAN $1), I don't think anyone would find reason to complain.

三彩豆花 (豆花莊)

And... their 3 color tofu pudding. In an instance where there's actually even less nutritional content to speak of, they spread 蒟蒻, basically multicolored jelly things, on top of the tofu pudding. These are flavored with fruits, taro, or sweet potato depending on the color, and are basically just like firmer pieces of jello. They don't really taste like what they should, but they add a nice textural contrast to the otherwise smooth and creamy tofu, and of course because it looks ballin'. Again... served with shaved ice in a bath of syrup, and still 30 NT. Honestly, there's not much to complain about here.


Sherry said...

Ooooh, I love tofu in any shape or form! The sweet kind is so good after a meal :D I really miss tofu from my hometown though. They make it with a salty gooey soup with wood ears and eggs and garlic and stuff. Soooo freaking good!!

Nicholas said...

argh, that does sound absolutely delicious. I'm not used to having tofu in the savory variety when it's not 1. Korean, 2. fried or stir-fried, or 3. served cold, so that sounds interesting as hell to me.

Sherry said...

omg you'll have to try!! I don't know any place that sells this stuff since I'm from the North and there are rarely any northern Chinese restaurants. But if you're ever in Tianjin or even Beijing... go to any random breakfast street cart/stand, and they should have it (or at least tell you where to find it)! It's called 豆腐脑.

Another great breakfast dish is you tiao wrapped in a crepe made from green bean flour. They put an egg, sweet bean paste, spicy stuff, garlic and scallions in it. Sooooo good!!

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