Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nutritious Sandwich (基隆廟口)

Nutritious Sandwich Shop!

You'd be hard pressed to find a sandwich that gets me more excited than the creation found at the 58th stall in 基隆廟口 (Keelung Temple Street), and let's be honest... I've eaten a lot of sandwiches. Some people might consider it an abomination, a culinary sin of sorts, but not me. This is the ultimate culmination of flavors, the evolution of everything Asian people love, and a legitimate slap in the face to your cardiologist, all in an easy to carry form factor. It is the 營養三明治, better known in English as... the 'Nutritious Sandwich.'

Nutritious sandwich

For just 55 NT ($1.60), you get a small piece of culinary perfection. Each of the components are chosen carefully... starting with the bun, you get a deep fried doughnut base, just like those you'd find with curry pan, deliciously light and airy, with a subtle hint of sweetness in the ever so chewy dough. In the vacancy of the bread, a thick layer of Kewpie mayo is spread. I don't think I need to explain why this is awesome to the nth degree, it just is. Next came the toppings, a fried and sliced hotdog fluorescent pink in color, half a soy sauce egg, and a few slivers of cucumber and tomatoes (see? It is nutritious).

The flavors blend together in a truly sublime fashion. The sweetness of the doughnut bun is amplified by the slight tartness of the Kewpie mayo. The soy sauce egg and hotdog add the savory component to the equation, with the cucumber and tomatoes being refreshers, in what would otherwise be way too overwhelming for your mouth to handle. Texturally, it's magnificent in every way. The breading on the doughnut is crisp and light, the mayo is smooth beyond belief, with a secondary crunch from the vegetables. Honestly, at this point, there's little more that I can say that would actually do this sandwich justice. So I'll stop here, and leave you either desperately wanting... or thoroughly disgusted.


Robyn said...

Color me "DESPERATELY WANTING"!!! ...even though this sounds mega weird. ....mmm.

Thanks for including fatty panda at the top. :)

Nicholas said...

it sounds mega weird, but I went back... and got a second... and a third! It really was that good. I think it was voted the #1 most eaten thing at Keelung or something like that.

No... thank you for drawing him! After multiple attempts, I still couldn't draw a panda I liked more to use, so I ended up stealing yours :p

Lamchop said...

that looks pretty good but why is it called a "nutritious" sandwich if its on a donut bun? lol. I'd still eat it though!

Anonymous said...

It's the texture of the fried bread. So light! But so sinful.

And Taiwanese mayo. That put that on everything. aka shrimp and abalone, with multicolour sprinkles as I like to explain to my HKer friends.

Evelina said...

Ohmigosh. I love the 'Nutritious Sandwich'! I haven't had it in 6 years. :'( I'm loving your blog so far, consider me a new subscriber. :D

Nicholas said...

Evelina - I haven't had one for 6 months and I'm jonesing! Can't imagine what I'd do to get one after 6 years...

Thanks for reading btw!

Anonymous said...

I lived in Taiwan for half a decade. The one in Keelung is considered by many to be the best one for about NT$50. But in Qidu, the best one is there for NT$35. 3 for a hundred. I had theirs twice a week.

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