Friday, June 4, 2010

I love you the Mos! (Burger)

Cod burger

Sorry, that was the best pun I could come up for a post title. Cheesy I know, but it's true. I love Mos Burger. I honestly believe that it's the greatest fast food joint in existence (I'm sure there are plenty of people who disagree with that statement, but whatever). They have the speed and efficiency of a fast food establishment, but the charm of a smaller store. I mean, come on... it'll be a cold day in Hell before McDonald's starts to bring your food to your table in a wicker basket... that's classy. Anyway, I had a love affair with their octopus burger last year, so I was equally excited when I found posters plastered all over Taipei of a new seasonal burger for the Summer. The long-winded name in Chinese is the 冰鱈樂活鱈魚堡, which translates to 'Cold Fresh Happy and Lively Cod Burger.' No, I'm not joking. The name alone screams all sorts of incredible.


Didn't have to wait all that long, but I thought having the placard #1 was pretty cool. Oh yeah, back to the food.

How was it in actuality? It was... pretty good. For 75 NT (~$2.25), you get a soft generic hamburger roll which sandwiches a slice of American cheese (don't be deceived by the photo, by the time I ate it, it was melted), a fried patty of cod meat smothered in some sort of weird sweet and sour sauce, shredded lettuce, and a smattering of Kewpie mayo that would make a cardiologist weak at the knees. The thick mayo is actually supposed to be a salad like topping, with bits of corn and octopus tentacles inside, but sadly mine was devoid of the latter. In any case, this 'burger' is like the Asian version of a filet-o-fish sandwich, and it certainly is 12 sorts of awesome. The mayo in itself is pretty flavorful (I bet it'd be better if I had tentacles...), and the sauce of patty is beyond mention. Strong in flavor, but moderate in viscosity, it somehow draws attention to the fish without overwhelming it. My only gripe? I wish the batter were fried crispier. A nice crunch on the patty would've sent me over the edge. Would I go back and get one everyday? Probably not, it's not as good as the octopus burger from last year, but goddamn this was a good burger. I could foresee myself craving one of these from time to time.

Grapefruit Sprite thingy

They also had drink specials (non-alcoholic...) that you could get by swapping out the meal's default drinks. I spent an extra 20 NT (60 cents or so) to get their new Summer creation. It's basically grapefruit concentrate in Sprite with a lemon. Not all that awesome, nor is it worth 20 NT. Good thing their burgers are awesome, or I'd be uber annoyed ha.


jae said...

damn i wish they had those in korea

Victoria said...

I assume these photos were taken with your new SLR? You can totally feel the SLR quality

Nicholas said...

@jae i think they do... don't they?

@victoria haha yes, although i'm not in love with the kit lens at the long end of things, it does a pretty decent job with macro photography (all things considered)

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