Saturday, March 20, 2010

Holy octopus burger Batman! It's Mos Burger...

I normally don't seek out fast food when I'm in Asia. With the abundance of really cheap local establishments it seems both stupid and trivial. Year after year I make it a point to visit Mos Burger though... and that reason is pictured to the left. For readers who are less than fluent with reading in Chinese allow me to translate "holy crap this is delicious" in a bun. In all seriousness, the poster actually illustrates one of my favorite non-conventional burgers from... well, anywhere. Enough with the suspense... it's an octopus burger! What they do is take octopus, dice it up into small chunks, then form up a patty using fish paste (not too unlike octopus balls really). Once the patty gets breaded and fried, it comes out with a similar appearance to a Filet'o'Fish sandwich, or a McChicken. It's then topped with a slight bit of shredded lettuce, and capped with a thick layer of their 'special sauce.' Trust me, the sauce absolutely makes it. Yes the octopus burger has a refreshingly new taste that's reminiscent of seafood, yet not fishy, but without the sauce, the burger is absolutely nothing. Methinks the sauce is heavy on Kewpie mayo, and that's probably why I love it. I can only describe it as a simultaneous blend of sweet and tart, with an overwhelmingly creamy texture unmatched by the dressings commonly found in the US.

Here's a picture of the actual burger itself. To be honest, at 59 NT (slightly under $2), this burger isn't cheap at all. In fact, given its diminutive stature, it can even be considered expensive by Taiwan standards. I will however stand by the fact that I will pay this hefty premium for 2 reasons. First off, Mos Burger does a pimp job at presentation, even if you order 100 NT worth of food, they will hand deliver it to your table, and it will come in baskets. Secondly, this burger is the sex. Fact.

Can I consider this an 'upskirt' shot of the innards, or does that only work with pizza? In any case, if you didn't want to take my word for it, there is visual confirmation of the octopus tentacles. Many of them. Sorry for the poor lighting, I went at night, and for some reason, this location liked to dim the lights, maybe to set the mood. Whatever, octopus in mouth = me not caring about the lighting situation.

Bonus burger! On a completely separate occasion, that I chose to condense into this post for the sake of organization, I got their teriyaki beef burger. This is one of their more 'traditional' burgers that gets offered year round. Basically, you have 2 patties formed of compressed rice that gets cooked on a griddle for integrity, sandwiching whole leaf lettuce (the superior lettuce for burgers imho), which then sandwiches a hearty serving of thinly sliced beef that has been marinated and stir fried in teriyaki sauce. Also pure deliciousness. Not as special as the forbidden fruit that's known octopus burger.

note: the full name of the octopus burger is actually 雙醬章魚堡 or dual sauce octopus burger* (this would explain why the sauce is pure ecstasy)


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