Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Red bean love

I like posting in chronological order, what can I say. This bowl of shaved ice came from a shop located in 師大夜市 (Shi Da Night Market) called 三兄弟豆花, which translates to 3 brothers almond tofu. First off, I want to point out how absurd Taiwanese/Chinese people are in their translations. Did you know that 師大 is actually called Taiwan Normal University in English? I'm not sure what genius thought that up, but it's straight stupid. It doesn't really make sense, but it certainly is funny to me. Now, back to the shaved ice. Instead of a traditional 紅豆牛奶冰 (red bean milk shaved ice), this one was actually a 雪花冰 (snow flake ice?). I might've hit on this in a previous post, but let me rehash the idea... you take heavy cream and sugar and mix it into an ice mixture before shredding it extra fine. The result is a semisweet ice base that tastes sort of like vanilla ice cream. When you combine this with the standard red bean syrup mixture, and also more condensed milk, you end up with a shaved ice dish that retains a more consistent sweetness. The texture is an added bonus, with an instantaneous melting on the tongue. No crunching through unevenly shredded ice, good for the lazy (i.e. me). That's all for tonight, I'm kind of pooped after the ordeal that is Ben & Jerry's free cone day.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Reading about all these delicious foods is making me really hungry! Haven't been to Taiwan in a few years; really miss the food there.

Nicholas said...

I went back last Summer and I miss it! I absolutely plan to move back there once I finish all this school nonsense.

If only I could get my own mom to read my blog, she insists that it's too many words, not enough pictures haha.

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