Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Asian bakeries ftw

This isn't so much a post as it is a thought that I had, which happened to coincide with a picture that I happened to take. American bakeries do their cupcakes and cookies, and variations upon them. Hungarian bakeries (as far as I know) make really overpriced danishes and apple strudels (I'm looking at you Hungarian Pastry shop... grr... $4.50 for 3 bites of an apple strudel). Maybe it's a matter of taste, but for some reason Asian bakeries do the weirdest combination of toppings available, baked into the strangest forms possible, and people still go to buy them. The picture is actually of pineapple buns baked directly into chocolate filled ice cream cones (which were delicious btw). These aren't even that adventurous compared to the dizzying array of hotdogs, Kewpie mayo, egg, scallion, tuna, pork floss etc. buns that you'll find at every bakery. Looking back, I'm not sure why I chose that to take a picture of, but meh... I felt obligated to post it, since at one time I felt it was worth snapping a photo of. Anyhoo, tl;dr... Asian bakers do weird stuff, I still love it.

Posting update... almost done with the Taiwan posts (aren't you sad?), and will make a few posts about NYC before I return to food heaven the motherland.

Additional rant... apparently I'm not allowed to do 'less than 3' for a heart symbol because of 'broken tags.' Wow blogger, fail.


Tiffany K said...

Me too! Love Asian bakeries for the variety and novel products! I do not really like any of their salty breads (pork floss, anything with meat, mayo...).

Anonymous said...

My mom's favorite is the 'pineapple bun'. So many different fillings as beans, coconut...custard...taro...

Nicholas said...

@Tiffany K I LOVE ASIAN HOT DOG BREAD!!!! (no matter how many times my parents tell me it's made out of rats, and that hot dogs shouldn't be fluorescent pink)

@gargupie taro buns... drooooooool. Easily one of the greatest inventions by the Chinese.

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