Monday, March 22, 2010

McChicken in Taipei (where 2 is better than 1)

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure this is even still offered, since at the time it was a promotional thing (not unlike the 4 layer Big Mac they had), but at least for a short period of time, this product was part of the menu at McDonald's in Taiwan. What I'm referring to is actually a double McChicken sandwich. What now resides on the dollar menu at most McDonalds (wtf NYC... you can't just not have a dollar menu) is offered in a revitalized form... 100% more chicken, and only 50% more bun. Crazies. In any case, as impressed as I was that Chinese people had somehow managed to stick 4 slices of 'beef' in a burger while still turning a profit, I was even more impressed that they managed to make me care about as much as I did about a chicken cutlet inside a hamburger roll. Now don't get me wrong, I love everything about the McChicken in its current form. It's $1, it's fried, and I can get it 24/7, but it's also woefully undersized, usually soggy and not crispy, and it's boring. Yeah, yeah, I know what you're saying 'why would 2 pieces of soggy chicken be any better than 1?' Here's where the sandwich gets interesting.

First off, in Asia, they somehow manage to not screw up the basic sandwich. The bun is toasted (remarkably!) and it isn't the soggy piece of loaf that I've grown accustomed to loving in the US. Secondly, their lettuce is apportioned properly so that I'm not eating massive amounts of green without fried breading, third... the chicken is better. Let me explain that third point a little more clearly. The name of the sandwich is actually 無敵雙辣雞腿堡 or the invincible dual spicy chicken sandwich. Their chicken, appropriately so, comes out with a blend of spices that makes the breading super spicy. Furthermore, because the skin is adequately crispy and oily, fat kids like me are smiling from ear to ear. In summary? Better/more chicken, less soggy bread, and obesity gets spread in Asia. Oh, the best part... the value meal was 159 NT (I think that's right around $5).

edit: if someone from Taiwan tells me it's no longer available, I'm gonna be heartbroken/lose it


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