Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grilled lamb from 聖陶沙 (Sheng Tao Sha)

考羊肉 (Grilled lamb from 聖陶沙)

You know what's the best? When your food comes to you on a sizzling hot plate built around a giant bamboo basket. If I could, I would request that every one of my meals came this way. So I was undeniably overjoyed when I found a restaurant that did just that, in the basement food court of 遠東百貨 (Far Eastern Department Store). Whilst I had seen this before in various places, I've never had the opportunity to actually try it. Mostly because the people around me would always say that they didn't want to look like idiots with giant wooden bowls in front of them. Well guess what, I relish the opportunity to look like a clown with my food, so I decided to force my grandmother into eating a behemoth of a meal as well. She was reluctant, but I insisted, since I wanted to take pictures of multiple things. Ha, that'll teach you to make me run errands with you grandma.

I got the grilled lamb as the first dish, which is just sliced lamb, grilled in soy sauce broth, speckled with sesame seeds, and served with bean sprouts. The entree is placed in the center of the giant wooden burning plate contraption, with sides of tofu, seaweed, cauliflower, and a fried egg. Accompanying the plate of sizzling meat is rice... served to you in a cup. Yes, that is indeed as wonderful as it sounds. I would really like to meet the person who went "man, I bet it'd be splendid if we put rice... into cups!" As cool as the concept is, if you think about it, it's rather dumb. Given the height to base ratio of the cup, you'll soon find getting the rice at the base of the cup becomes rather difficult. Oh well, the price you pay for creativity. In any case, it was definitely okay for the price (I think 115 NT or just under $4). It wasn't mind blowing, but it's worth checking out for the novelty factor.

炸豬排 (Pork cutlet from 聖陶沙)

I also got a pork cutlet version for 110 NT, because I can't resist ordering fried pork. Ever. Anyway, it's the same thing as the grilled lamb (probably to speed up the ordering/cooking process), with the same exact sides. The pork cutlet is made from a cheaper cut of meat, so it's a bit tougher, with tendons present, but the same description applies here... good for the price. Cool bucket thing. Plus, have I mentioned your rice comes in a cup?


Anonymous said...

Next time bring Man v. Food's Adam Richman with you.

Nicholas said...

No thanks, my competitive nature will kick in, and I'll inevitably punch him in the face. I would like to not go to jail for assault.

Angus said...

Interesting. I've never really had lamb in a non-Mediterranean or Middle-Eastern style, asian lamb sounds intriguing. Rice in a cup however, I've had. It's something else.

Also, that carrot in the second picture looks alot like pacman nomming on some cauliflower. Just saying.

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