Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hawaiian Whopper (from Burger King)

Hawaiian Whopper

What is this creation above you? Okay, so maybe the post title gave it away, but it's indeed what Burger King tells me is a 'Hawaiian Whopper.' I don't really understand the motivation behind these seemingly random promotions, but every month, the fast food joints here serve up a new signature creation, presumably to boost sales. For some unexplainable reason, this month is Hawaii month(?). They take the classic Whopper, smother the patty with barbecue sauce, add on a measly slice of pineapple, and a layer of fried ham. I know what you're thinking... "man, that looks awful, why would you buy something like that?" Let me respond to both those questions.

Burger King signage

This is how they advertised it. Indeed it looks much better in their photo. I suck at taking pictures, I'll admit that, but I don't think my lack of abilities morphed their gorgeous burger into that blob sitting at the top of this page. Trust me, I tried to rearrange the bits into a more manageable sandwich, but this was the best I could do. Anyway, from the ad, clearly I had high hopes for a sandwich that was flame broiled, yet had a tangy and sweet flavor. I hope that explains it. The sandwich itself is not actually all that awful. If you're okay with Whoppers, then it's exactly as I described it. Kind of sweet from the sauce, and kind of tangy from the pineapple. The rest is the generic burger you've probably come to expect from the 'King.

My opinion? Unless you have some sick obsession with BK, then you probably shouldn't feel bad if you don't get one of these before they're gone. If you're hungry, go ahead, it's really not as bad as it looks. Plus you get a free ice cream sundae to boot. Which kind of makes up for the lack of aesthetics of the burger. Yes, I like fast food soft serve (it's a guilty pleasure of mine).


Victoria said...

Looks messy...

Baby Madison said...

add kimchi = korean style burger
add salsa = mexican style burger

just like those 'rolls' from KFC! (which are actually good)

Nicholas said...

@Baby Madison the ingenuity with which fast food places here manage to market these things is boundless. Although you're right, I do end up liking a lot of these 'creations.'

joanh said...

yeah, looks like one to avoid. i'm sticking to the classic whopper!

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