Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Running, I love you like a fat kid love cake

Let's make no mistake, I am officially fat again (not just rowing fat, but fat fat). So having gotten back on the proverbial horse, I decided I would finish a decent run today (which I deem as a 5k+) whether or not my shins were screaming at me. Well, as is common with the day after a glorious day of gluttony, everything was howling in pain... my shins, my heart, hell... even my dreaded stomach fat... yes, it has returned lol. Anyway, I was pretty happy with the end result... not where I want to be in terms of distance or pace, but better than I could have hoped for given the amount of crap I've put in my mouth over the past 3 weeks now. It's on... I'm a fat kid on the road to redemption lol.

One thing that is interesting though, I hopped on an erg for the first time in several weeks, just to see how it felt. I pulled a 1k, so it wasn't as if I was doing a marathon or anything, but it was the easiest rowing I've done... pretty much ever. Who would've thought that heavy me could out pull in shape me over 1k?

distance for the day: 3.83 miles in 30 minutes (and 3 miles of biking to boot... ha!)

distance on the year: 21.92 miles


Yvo Sin said...

This fat kid doesn't love cake... but that always makes me giggle. Anyway, how is that right? You've 'only' run 21.92 miles this year? When did you start running? I've run more than that since I started keeping track and that's only since the beginning of March (I've been running since the end of January)? Good luck and we need to talk...

Dom said...

Erging is good for the soul nick.

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