Friday, April 3, 2009

The body is an amazing thing...

no not in that way you pervert... I'll explain later

So anyway, I'm coming back to this post just to explain what I mean. After my 2 weeks of eating solid trash, I weighed in at a convincing 144 pounds, up from 131 pounds... to rationalize that, the most amount of lean mass you can put on per week is about 1 pound, so realistically I had gained 10 or so pounds of fat. Within 3 days of eating clean, drinking a lot of water, returning to my workout schedule, I had dropped back to 137 and regained some definition (not like when I was rowing, but still... a minor victory). The point is, the body's recovery is incredible if nothing short of a miracle. Maybe it's because I'm still 20, but still, this is one of those things that I'm just in awe of (it also makes me wonder what took so long to realize that being heavy sucked majorly, and why I didn't do anything about it for years).

distance for the day: 3.84 miles in 30 minutes (running... yes, I feel bad about that Chris, I had to resort to jogging/walking after the 5k mark)

distance on the year: 8.07 miles


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