Sunday, April 12, 2009


I've been extremely busy lately, which would explain why I never finished the post on Friday, or why I haven't been keeping track of my running counter (ha, that and I haven't been running lately).

Just thought I'd make a placeholder post to explain that... mention that I made a cake out of pudding mix (recipe to come), and that I'll be adding to my running counter a biking counter... mostly because my body isn't used to running at 150, so it actually does hurt when I run for too long now. So for the time being, I'll be biking off the weight. It'll still be tagged as running, but whatever, as long as I'm doing something right?

If you're so curious as to how far I would have run, a useful conversion between biking distance and running is about 3:1. On my to do list this afternoon... 50k on the bike, I am going to sign up for a solid 2 hour block, and I will NOT get off for anyone lol. As for right now... I'm going to grab my cake from the oven and go apeshit before I have to lose the weight.

distance for the day: 1.19 miles (from Saturday)
distance biked for the day: 31.2 (for you metric people... that's 50k)

distance on the year: 31.26 miles
distance biked on the year: 31.2 miles (not from January 1st, from today haha)

edit: Nevermind on the recipe, my cake was a disaster... did you know if you don't mix your baking powder evenly, the cake looks retarded? True story.


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