Thursday, April 9, 2009

Post General Tso and ice cream run

So you'd think after downing dinner, a blueberry muffin, oatmeal, toast, a pound of cottage cheese, a can of coke, and a General Tso's over lo mein I'd be full... and stop eating right? No, you'd be wrong, and you probably don't know me very well. I ended up getting another pint of ice cream, chocolate this time, and went to town. This all went down at 10:30 pm mind you. Fast forward 5 hours, I wake up and run 4.05 miles as per my original plan, in 32:30 (including cooldown, so the pace is a bit slower than I actually did). I called up Chris, to see if he wanted to do a run outside, planning on going to the boathouse... but ended up failing miserably (my bad) stopping at the George Washington Bridge. Don't judge me for giving up part way... you try running that distance after glutting yourself on food the night before. Plus it was cold... real cold, our hands were numb on the way back (and mine were in my pants for most of the return lol).

distance for the day: 8.15(?) miles (I'm not counting the walking, or else it'd probably be closer to 11)

distance on the year: 30.07 miles


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