Friday, February 18, 2011

Neon pink beef (Butcher & Singer)

Just another view

If this photo doesn't look familiar to you, then you're doing it wrong. Go read my normal post about the Butcher Burger on AHT first. Then come back. Anyway... let me reiterate this point: writing for Serious Eats is a buttload of fun. In my last few interviews, every time I said I was paid to photograph, eat, think deeply, and then write about burgers, I had something of a "fuck yeah" moment. But just to make things clear. It's not all fun and games. Nope, sometimes I get thrown outside of my comfort zone in pursuit of an awesome burger. This is what happened at Butcher & Singer. Now if you know me, I'm a big fan of college tees, jeans, and Birkenstock sandals. Ties and dress shoes are foreign to me. Fine dining and I do not mesh well. But if you promise me a burger made from 10-ounces of dry-aged beef...

Mess of onions and cheddar

Not much to really say is there. It's 10-ounces of dry-aged sirloin topped with creamy cheddar and caramelized onions plopped on top of a brioche bun from Parc. Basically it's 10-ounces+ of pure win. Something I didn't really mention on AHT is the fact that the Russian dressing is really good. It adds an additional component of moisture (not that the burger really needs it), but you only really taste it after some time has passed. It has a slight tartness and spiciness that makes the onions that much sweeter.

Burger internals

Mmm pink beef. I'm not used to my beef glowing neon, but you know what? I think I like it. Truly something magical, their patty is broiled until a fantastic crust develops from the charring. Yet somehow the center looks like that. I cannot explain it. This burger kicks ass, and it's primarily because of the beef. At $9.95, it's a stupidly good deal, and would easily rank as one of the best burgers I've had in my life. It's unfortunate I feel so out of place stepping inside, or else I'd go all the time.


Rodzilla said...

I perused the menu and that does look like one hell of a deal. This would be right on the border where I think the burger becomes too large, but it looks so damn good. I meant to ask on SE, did you cut the burger yourself?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does that burger look....marred?

Nicholas said...

Rodzilla - yeah man, I cut all my own burgers. You think I'd trust an amateur to do my job?!

Anonymous - think so. I mean, I'm coming from a materials science background so non-uniform surfaces are seen as imperfections... but hey, what do I know?

Anonymous said...

This looks incredibly delicious, I am very sad I did not partake during the time I lived in Philly.

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