Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Unknown shaved ice place...

So, I actually have no clue where that bowl of shaved ice is from. It was in the middle of sequence of pictures that I don't remember eating. In summary, I'm just posting this picture because it's in my food folder, and I don't like having pictures go to waste. Plus I'm pretty sure none of you are actually reading my blog anyway, I figure pictures are a better way to trick people into looking at my posts. From my excellent skills of deduction, I can tell you that it's red bean and taro (and it might be 臺一 'Tai Yi' shaved ice). I like red bean and condensed milk. I also like taro soaked in syrup and condensed milk. I assume it was pretty good. Crap... now I miss Taiwan. Anyhoo, expect many many more of these posts where I offer virtually no worthwhile content. I just want an excuse to post more pictures.


Tiffany said...

I love shaved ice + red bean + condensed milk. You can make your own concoction if you have ice and a blender! My grandparents used to make another icey dessert, which includes sugary water (homemade syrup i guess), raisins, vanilla ice cream, tiny tapioca pearls, milk and of course red bean. I think it's another popular asian dessert, but i don't know what it's called or where it originates.

Nicholas said...

i dunno i figure if you take a crapload of things that are good, and mix them, the result probably amplifies the awesomeness.

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