Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oyster pancakes! (蚵仔煎)

Otherwise known as my greatest weakness... aside from bullets and 2k's. I like this stuff, I really do. Did I mention I scratch like a fool when I have shellfish? Oh... that sucks pretty hard for me I guess. Sorry for the bad picture, I think I had done some pretty intense arm workout the day before and I couldn't hold my camera still for the life of me. Anyway, this was just from a random stall at 臨江夜市 (Lin Jiang Night Market), I was craving, and I wanted to have it at least once over the summer. I think it was something insane like 50 NT ($1.50) for the giant plate sized portion. Basically, you take eggs, scallions, lard, and an assload of potato starch and mix it with oysters to create a thick pancake like batter which is then free formed on a hot surface. Once 'cooked' (the term is used loosely) to a jiggly consistency, the plate is served with a sweet sauce not unlike that on tempura. I've also had it with straight oyster sauce and chili sauce, but I'm pretty sure this is more common. Note to those with weak stomachs... don't even try it. Since they don't really cook the oysters, a lot of people 'win the lottery' after they eat it. By lottery, I mean they crap their brains out. Enjoy!


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