Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Almond flavored tofu shaved ice (杏仁豆腐冰)

On the very same trip to 臨江夜市 (Lin Jiang Night Market) I once again had a sudden want for shaved ice. It wasn't hot or anything, I think I just have this thing where I feel compelled to eat something cold at the end of a meal, which is why I'm constantly eating ice cream when I'm in the US. Now you have to understand that this particular night market is like a labyrinth of streets branching off one main street. I have no clue how I came across this place since it was in an alley, but I'm glad I did. Maybe it was the pseudo Japanese decor of the store front, or maybe the fact that it was packed, but I felt compelled to go in. Surprisingly clean for a Taiwanese joint, the inside did indeed feel like a shop that could be found in Japan. Now I'm not a stickler for the appearance of a shop, but I have to say... it was impressive to me haha.

That would be the banner on the wall. Seriously, I suck at taking pictures, but the banner is out of perspective. They basically wrote an explanation of why their shaved ice is the shiz, taking up the entire face of a wall. Basically it says... "Blah blah blah blah, we put almond flavored tofu at the bottom of our shaved ice omgz!" If you're unaware of what it is... think of a gelatin like dessert that has the slight flavoring of almond extract and is subtly sweet. It's basically jello on crack... and in a better flavor.

So the dish was... uh, to be honest I forget how expensive it was. I think it was around 60 NT ($2), but I'm not sure. It was too long ago! I know it didn't top 100 NT though. How was the taste though? So if you read my blog, you know I go apeshit over shaved ice... true story. Well, let me say that this is hands down my favorite place in all of Taiwan, which I decided after I came back to the US. Yes the top portion of the dish is just a plain red bean and condensed milk mixture, but it's executed well enough that the trademark of the dessert can shine. When you slice through the middle layer of ice, you soon fine a springy gelatin dessert at the bottom with a heavy scent of almond. Combining the 3 layers of overwhelming sweetness, biting cold, and something that could only be described as 'QQ' results in what is easily one of my favorite desserts in Taipei. If you ever find yourself at this night market, please do yourself a favor and find this shop, I promise it's worth it.


Sue said...

Guhh...I'm drooling as I read your description of the dessert. I love anything tofu, and shaved ice is my favorite summer treat! The two combined sound awesome.

I've always heard Taiwan has really good food, and all your posts make me really want to go nowww haha

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