Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My heart still hurts

For the amazing conclusion to part 1... I present our dinner! So after we made our beef patties (cheaper this way, rather than buying premade burger patties), we began our cooking. I realize this was fully possible on a frying pan, but to ensure full meltage of both the glazes on the various types of donuts, as well as the cheese, we chose to go the George Foreman route. Plus, it seems like kind of a waste if we don't, since we have one sitting in our kitchen. In any case, 7 burger patties went on and cooked for just about 5 minutes. There was a moment of anxiety when we thought the patties were going to fall apart, but this quickly passed once we slapped on the cheese (muenster if you're curious) to act as a binding agent. Once the cheese got all viscous and whatnot (sorry, my chemE background is showing), bacon got slapped on a few selective burgers. Why only some? To be honest, we ran out... probably because I make disgusting peanut butter and jelly bacon and egg sandwiches sometimes. That deserves its own post. Back on point, we removed the burgers so as not to burn them, then began our assembly operation. I had previously sliced the donuts open, so all it required was flipping the donuts inside out and closing the grill. Out of the 4 with bacon, 2 went to the maple syrup glazed donuts, with the others going to the Bavarian cream and the strawberry glazed.

Look at that close up... way too much cheese btw, since I had anticipated our patties being, well, flatter. All was good though, it just meant that there was more to pull away in strands when eating. In addition, since we chose not to add eggs to our burger patties, it was essentially our adhesive.

So my personal favorite ended up being the strawberry glazed. The maple syrup was nice, but a little bit cloying (weird for me to be saying that). While the maple syrup flavor did shine through, I thought it more or less destroyed what semblance of flavor the bacon was supposed to bring to the show. The jelly donut was... meh? I mean, I can't say it was bad, they were all pretty good, but the jelly just kind of confused my mouth. It wasn't supposed to be tart, but it ended up leaving that odd aftertaste in my mouth. To be honest, I'm kind of on the fence about that one, meaning, I probably won't make it again. Bavarian cream... now this one was all Chris' idea, and I'm glad we did it. It was nice and milky, with the cream complementing the cheese oh so well. The muenster provided a nice kick, while the cream balanced it out, aside from the logistical difficulty of squeezing the cream out when grilling it, it was probably my second favorite. Now the strawberry... was winner, like the maple syrup donut in structure, it allowed for even browning on the flat interior, but... it offered a sweetness that was more subtle than that of the maple syrup, and a tang that wasn't offensive like the jelly donut's. It was the perfect blend of exotic and just enough artery clogging for me to deem it my favorite. Now the remaining votes... Chris said Bavarian cream (no arguments here, that's arguable), Wayne seconded strawberry, and uh... Han will eat anything that has calories, so his opinion is gonna get ignored.


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