Sunday, September 27, 2009

KFC in Taiwan... moderately awesome

As per some sort of unspoken rule, no fast food chain in Taiwan can have a menu without adding some sort of weird twist item. McDonald's ups the ante by featuring a 4 layer Big Mac, a double layered spicy McChicken, as well as a green tea flavored McFlurry. Burger King wasn't as adventurous, but even so... they added a honey mustard chicken burger. Pizza Hut? All they did was stuff hot dogs in their crust (review to come btw). Now, 7-11... that's a whole 'nother level of amazing. Finally, let's not leave out Mos Burger in the discussion of specialty fast food. Where else in the world can you get an octopus burger where there are actually visible chunks of tentacles in the patty? In any case, I don't normally go to KFC, but it was raining, and I was kind of forced into it (which I don't really regret btw). It was there... that I realized how KFC could change something plain into something sort of amazing.

I know that KFC in America has those small snacker sandwiches. They're, well... okay? They tend to be unsatisfying though, and nothing really new. Chicken strip inside of a small dinner roll drenched in BBQ sauce has been done already. What you see above is the Taiwanese variant of the snacker. If you're familiar with Japanese style donuts, that is... airy dough made with the addition of rice flour... which is then fried, then you probably have an idea of what this entails. Plain chicken strip (or hot dog) is stuffed inside a 'bun' made of Japanese donut bread. Then instead of sauce, they use Kewpie mayo. That's pretty much it. Instead of dismissing the idea right away, consider the fact that this is a fried chicken cutlet (or processed stick of meat) stuck inside more fried bread. That's a lot of frying... awesome. They cost 39 NT a piece ($1.10 or so), which was their sale price... down from 45 NT, so they are essentially equivalent to the snackers in the US. They taste as you would expect. Somewhat oily, but incredibly satisfying. The one negative though? They're tiny as hell, roughly the size of an iPhone. That said, I never went back to have it a second time, not because I didn't like it, just because there were so many better things to eat at similar cost. Still, I thought something like this deserved its own post... so yeah.

Yes that picture above is my hand, and no I do possess the hands of a carny (neither oversized nor petite). This is purely for size comparison lol.


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