Saturday, May 15, 2010

Momofuku Milk Bar (I can't haz cake?!)

Momofuku crack pie

I've heard great things of Momofuku Milk Bar. I've never been before (although I did manage to convince someone to bring me soft serve... graham cracker I think, it was pretty good). As part of my leaving NYC campaign, I made sure to add the milk bar to my hit list of places to go to prior to graduation. I took visiting my sister as an excuse to go there, as well as Veselka in a post to come (don't blame me for not condensing! I ran out of Flickr quota!). So on a lazy Sunday, I biked downtown for dessert and lunch, in that order, and set out to Momofuku. When I got there, I spent a solid 10 minutes trying to pick what I wanted. Did I want more soft serve? Nah, not really in the mood for liquid based sweets. Pie? Maybe, but I was hoping for something a bit larger than a slice of pie. Cake... yep, I had settled on chocolate malt cake.

Wait, why does the photo not match? Oh yeah, because Momofuku Milk Bar apparently implemented a policy of 'no individual slices of cake.' What? If I want cake I have to buy the whole thing? Crazies. With my wallet growing thin and Veselka on the horizon, I begrudgingly made the sensible choice and chose something smaller/lighter. So I went with crack pie! Basically a pie filled with butter, sugar, heavy cream, and some more sugar (of the brown variety), it's just a gummy, over the top sweet tart of a slice of pie. Don't be deceived by the relatively thin cross section, it's heavy. At $5 and change, it's kind of pricey, but with all the hype, it's kind of deserved. Their sweets are definitely good. About the cake though... that's kind of annoying. I would very much like to try their chocolate malt cake. I would very much not like to buy a full cake. See my dilemma?


bionicgrrrl said...

The crack pie is better than the malt cake, so don't worry! OMG, I love it to death.

Nicholas said...

while that's a comforting thought, i still want that cake for the principle of the fact that they won't sell single slices.

tr3x said...

my only qualm about momofuku milk bar is that you can taste the salt in EVERYTHING

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