Monday, May 24, 2010

Durian ice cream

Durian icecream + rum raisin (from Sentia)

Because I'm unemployed, and otherwise without responsibilities for the Summer, I tend to spend a lot of my time wandering and going to random events that 'catch my fancy.' Case in point, the street fair in front of Taipei City Hall this past Saturday. I don't actually know what the premise of the whole fair was, but I knew I had nothing to do, and there were food stands there, so that's where I went. When I got there, I realized that the food options weren't all that interesting (although I did come across a lazy man's version of pizza in a cone), so when I came across an ice cream stand, I figured I could at least cool off a little with a couple scoops.

The stand belonged to a company called 'Sentia,' marketed as exotic tropic fruit ice cream (jacked straight from their website!). Nothing overly exciting imho... jackfruit, mango, durian, and blueberry seemed to be the not so commonly seen flavors. Anyhoo, I ultimately settled on a scoop of durian (just for tastes) and rum raisin, as a more familiar flavor in case I found the durian unpalatable. Now I've had durian ice cream before, but most of the NYC shops that make it either find a way to mute the flavor, or up the sweetness. Not Sentia... their flavor was... much more distinct. As far as what I thought? I wouldn't say I enjoyed it per se, but for 50 NT ($1.50) it wasn't a total loss. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure why Asian people like durian so much, it's just gym sock mixed with onion under the guise of a fruit.


bionicgrrrl said...

Cmon, I love durian. Mmm, it tastes tropical and creamy, and oh, also like onions and garlic. ;)

Nicholas said...

i like fried durian? but that's not really liking durian for its own characteristics. honestly, i think i'm more or less indifferent. i always try it thinking that maybe i'll suddenly enjoy the flavor, but it never happens.

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