Monday, February 15, 2010

More installments of what I eat at school

I'm too lazy to make a real post. Let's be honest, it's surprising that I've managed to post on here with semi-regularity given my personality. In any case, a lot of my friends either find it gross 1) what I eat or 2) the amount of food I eat, so I thought maybe it'd be of interest to random strangers on the interwebs too (also since for some reason, people don't believe someone my size can eat all that much). Uh, my dinner from a night ago... was a pint of General Tso's Chicken with white rice, a quart of vegetable lo mein, french fries, and I forgot to take a picture of the container of fried chicken. Where I got this is irrelevant since the place isn't all that good (just cheap). Meh, what can I say? I'm easily satisfied when it comes to food as long as the quantity is sufficient. Though I have to say, I am kind of peeved I didn't get my free soda.

I actually really like having the above though. It's from Hamilton Deli (which to my great surprise... I've never written about!). It's just a breakfast wrap with eggs, cheddar cheese, and spinach, the number 12 if you will. It's becoming increasingly difficult for me to get the home fries outside of breakfast hours, and since I only like having this for dinner, it's a real luxury when it occurs. Anyway, just thought I'd post another peek into my life for would be stalkers and friends alike. Carry on. Maybe posts about Hamdel tomorrow. Maybe.

A btw thought... does this count as a food review post?


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