Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I like pie... I also like cookies

Inspired by this sweet ass idea... my suitemate and I wanted something super fat for superbowl Sunday. To be fair, we had ordered roughly $50 dollars worth of KFC and Chris was planning on making chicken skewers (which were incredible), so it's not like we weren't already acting like pigs... but we felt compelled to make this to push us over the edge. I had actually invited other people to come help make it, but me being an idiot... failed to take into account the preparation time for the dough. I refused to give up the idea of having a chocolate cookie pie though, so I did the most bootleg thing possible, and bought premade pie crust, and cookie dough in a tube. I know, I know... for shame. Some might even call me a 'loaf' haha (seriously though, that's the greatest insult I've ever come across... wtf do you even say as a response?). I didn't care. I just wanted chocolate chips, and cookie, in pie form.

There it is in its unbaked configuration. Seriously, we just took the pie crust, baked it for 3 or so minutes, and then put a layer of cookie dough in. We might've layered a thick layer of chocolate chips in between more dough. Just to make sure that we were extra heavy the next day. In an unrelated note, is there a reason Pillsbury calls their dough 'chocolate chip flavored cookies' instead of just 'chocolate chip cookies?' Is it because Nestle Tollhouse owns copyright or something? I'm genuinely curious.

Post baking. Fully risen. It was a gorgeous thing that... didn't taste all that great once it cooled. I mean, when it was warm, it was soft and gooey, everything you expect from a good chocolate chip cookie. The only drawback was the fact that the crust was kind of salty. Once it cooled, it got too crisp, and the crust would just break off when cutting. Know the reason why there's no picture of single slices? Because it's impossible to cut perfectly. Whatever, it tasted like it was supposed to, and that's all I care about. I might have to do a take 2 the proper way though... this failed experiment was enough to make me believe the real thing is 10x better.


joanh said...

o.m.g. that is pretty awesome looking. you probably do have to eat this hot.

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