Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This is why I'm hot... I mean fat

I'm not actually sure how to tag this... does this count as a slice? Or a recipe? Anyway, I'm finally coming back to this post, partially because I'm bored, partially because it really annoys me to see a mishmash of pictures on the front page of my blog. Anyway, if you know me... you know that I jizz in my pants love the 'Spicy Special' at the deli found at 109th and Amsterdam. It's also no secret that I love Koronet's despite their absurd yearly price hikes (seriously, class of 2012 and on... you have no clue how glorious it was when the jumbo slice was $2.75). It would only make sense that the 2 things belong together, considering their close geographical vicinity. I can't claim credit for this, as someone on my team actually did this before I did, but I do have to say that the combo sandwich roll is a thing of beauty.

So this is how it works... two things that are incredible individually get rolled together. Simple as that. I know a lot of people find this disgusting, that the thought of a Koronet's slice is enough for a meal and then some. Same thing for the 'Spicy Special.' Well guess what, I'm a fatty and I happen to consider this a very balanced meal.

End result prior to rolling. Actually since then I've found a better way to do this (inspired by my ohsowhite friend Davenport). For each half of the sandwich, you cut the slice down the middle, parallel to the crust, not along the bias. By doing so, you can effectively roll the sandwich 1.5x around for a nice thin pizza shell. As far as how it tastes, imagine having tomato sauce and hot cheese before hitting a nice center crust of toasted bread... then reaching a perfect mix of mayo, pepper jack cheese, and hot turkey. It's pretty much like eating a pizza with the toppings of a sub... but with more carbs. If that doesn't sound awesome to you, then... I'm sorry, you're probably dead to me. The synergy of double cheese, and artery clogging oils is undoubtedly one of my favorite meals in Morningside. The kicker? Total price... $8.50.


darius said...

nick chen, this picture makes me sad for many reasons. 1) i can't get amazing ny style pizza in england 2) sandwhiches are substandard over here and 3) i'm really really hungry right now!

Tiffany said...

how does that fit into your mouth!!?
i miss good ol' nyc pizza (even if it's not really nyc pizza) and philly cheesesteaks (even if they're not from philly)

Anonymous said...

we need to make more pizza. that's the one thing we keep improving on and i'm hungry right now like darius...hi darius we went to gov. school together

Nicholas said...

@darius... this comment makes me sad for many reasons. 1) you're in britain and i haven't seen you for about 2 years 2) i'm super envious that you're in britain, i'd love to row on the thames, 3) you spelled it 'sandwhiches' which is super awesome to me.

@tiffany... dunno, i make it happen ha.

@anonymous... only after we erg.

bionicgrrrl said...

OMG, why would you do this?! I mean it makes more sense to put another Koronet slice on top and sandwich the sandwich! ;)

Nicholas said...

@bionicgrrrl you're forgetting, i'm a poor college student, 2 slices of koronet's would run about $7 haha

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