Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lost in translation

So another year has come and gone, so I figured I should make a post acknowledging/reflecting on that. I started this blog a year ago (in fact my 1 year blogiversary just passed on Christmas) as an outlet for my life. Mostly eating, since that's what I spend most of my waking hours on, and to a much lesser degree running, cycling, school, pretty much whatever was on my mind at the time. Honestly, it's done just that, I can write about stuff on here that I can't see myself ever saying IRL (mostly fear of embarrassment). Anyhoo, I guess what I'm trying to say, not so eloquently, is that I'm really glad I started this blog (big thanks to Wayne Shooooo who told me to)... I've gotten to know people I otherwise wouldn't have known if I didn't start 'food blogging' (namely Roboppy and Feisty Foodie), I've gotten job offers as a result of my blogging, and I also have another bangin' hobby to put on my CV, yeah! I've also learned a lot of life lessons from blogging... namely that my time management skills suck, people will always stare at you when you're taking pictures, and people generally aren't too happy when you insult their food. Blah, at this point I'm kind of just rambling, so I'll get onto the rest of the post.

In any case, I didn't really have any food related content prepped for today (which is weird considering I never finished posting about Taiwan), so I figured I'd make a post about a folder of images I happened to stumble across on my computer.

So it should be totally obvious from the 'abcdefucku' hat that Taiwanese people often have a poor grasp of the English language. My sister and I had a lengthy conversation about this, and we ultimately concluded that no one is shameless/stupid enough to wear that proudly if it weren't a joke. Curiously enough I came across this gem at a street market. The Chinese is correct, so it's not like they're unaware of the content written on the flip flops. Sigh, I shamefully admit I bought a pair of these for my dad. As far as I know, he still hasn't worn them to this day.

Another example of poor taste/confusion. This is actually the name of a clothing store next to 西門町. No clue who chose the name, but did they honestly think a store named as such would attract customers? I'm just gonna chalk this up to another case of, 'We have no clue what it means, but we hear it all the time.' Namefail.

Imagine the look on everyone else's face when I was snapping this photo in the airport. Apparently, I'm helping the environment by standing closer to the urinal. Who knew? I actually have more of these pictures, but I didn't want to make this post a giant picture thread so I'll end it here.

Oh yeah... so for 2010... direction of MyInnerFatty. Hopefully a return to more NYC posting, more catching up on Taipei posting (ideally before I go back again next year), more cycling, less building bikes, and grad school updates (hopefully good ones).


Tiffany said...

That last one's a urinal?! It's creepy, is what it is...

Esther said...

Robyn and Yvo are both super awesome!!! Does that mean you're in NYC? I was just curious cuz your posts are about Taiwan!

Nicholas said...

lol my posts are all about taiwan because i ate at too many places over the summer. the backlog extends for another 50 or 60 more posts... sigh. i occasionally do nyc postings, but i lost my excuse to do that when i left my webdev job last year.

joanh said...

that hat is hilarious

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