Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grace Tavern, where I drank no beers

Grace burger

You know the drill, go read my post over at AHT for my attempt at unbiased burger related thoughts on Grace Tavern. If you're looking for second-rate content with minimal editing, then you're in the right place.

I'm not really a big beer drinker... or really much of a drinker at all. I tend to describe all my beers as "smooth" or "dark." It's as if I only know two adjectives to describe beer... I use no other descriptors aside from those two. Needless to say, going to places to drink is mostly a pointless endeavor for me. Will I drink? Yes. Can I discern a good stout from a can of Natty Ice? Just barely (the can is a dead giveaway). The food however is a different story. While all my friends are busy getting plastered, you can usually find me gazing deeply at the menu, contemplating whether or not I should add on an order of onion rings or an order of sizzling fajitas. Good thing Grace Tavern kicks ass at making burgers.

Melted Swiss (Grace Burger)

The Grace Burger was one of the best pub burgers I've had in Philadelphia. They don't really screw around with tradition, they just melt a goopy layer of Swiss cheese on top, then top it with some lettuce and tomatoes. Then they sandwich it between a bun. An awesome bun. A bun that's brushed with oil, because oil makes everything better, especially bread. Win. I like oily buns and I cannot lie. You other fat kids can't deny. The only thing that was weird was how pungent and crunchy the onions were. Those onions were some crunchy sons of bitches. Either way, their standard cheeseburger is something worth having again, even if I have to pay for it the next time!

Cheddar and mushroom lovin' (Kennett Square burger)

Look at all that yellow. It's like a cautionary tale of heartburn, narrated by melted cheese. It's pretty much the same burger, but without healthy stuff like lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. Meat, cheese, mushrooms... that's all there is to this burger. I know what you're thinking, "but wait, aren't mushrooms are healthy?!" No. Not the way they cook them. They're sautéed in a buttload of oil. Because oil makes everything better, especially when your sautéing the crap out of mushrooms. Once again, the bun is grilled and lathered up with a thin layer of oil, resulting in a super rich and hearty burger from the first to the last bite. I think I might've actually like this better than the classic cheeseburger... but I was also alternating bites between the two, so who knows?

Anyway, Grace Tavern makes some bitchin' burgers. They're good enough where I don't feel like an absolute moron if I go there just for the food. Although I probably should. I'm pretty sure the bartenders aren't too enamored with me staying sober.


Unknown said...

man that looks tasty

La Fille Atomique said...

I can't believe you missed out on the blackened green beans. Do yourself a favor next time and swap your fries for spicy, crunchy, delicious green beans (sounds like an oxymoron, but I kid you not, even the snidest carnivore would agree).

Melissa said...

Oooooh that looks so good!

Danny said...

are you saying you can't tell the difference between Guiness and Budweiser? I know you're better than that! Beer gets more and more delicious as your consumption of it goes up.

Nicholas said...

jacob/Melissa - it 'twas!

La Fille Atomique - my bad haha. I was sent there to eat burgers, not to eat blackened green beans. It was only after I started diong more research did I realize that they make a mean bean.

Danny - I mean... I can tell the difference between the extremes, but catch me after a few and ask me to figure out the difference between an IPA and a Guinness and I'd surely have no clue what's what. Sadly, I mostly drank in college because of balls going into cups, not for taste :(

Anonymous said...

i loled so hard about the onions

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