Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Inner Fatty turns two!

It's me!

Oh snap, today marks two straight years of churning out blog posts on food of questionable worth. For better or worse, that's a pretty big deal for me... considering my how short my attention span normally is. But you know what? Not much has really changed on my site in the past year. Sure I redid the layout, and yeah I finally replaced my camera, but I'm proud to say that the content hasn't changed one bit. Nope, it's still the same asinine commentary that you fell in love with (or began to hate) way back when.

Have I made an impact on the internets? Probably not. Not unless you have some sick obsession with General Tso's chicken or burgers. Have I made the internet community slightly dumber for having written some of the stuff here? Most definitely. Anyway, I wasn't originally planning on writing a post, so I'll stop rambling and just give a big virtual thanks to everyone who actually reads this nonsense. I'm not sure why you do it... but thanks nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

This blog makes me hungry...keep up the good work for another 2 years.

Rodzilla said...

You're welcome. Keep going.

bionicgrrrl said...

Congrats & I want to eat your bear face! Seriously, so cute I want to eat it.

esther said...

happy blogiversary!!!

u wouldn't have met all of us midtown lunchers without your blog so i'm glad you kept writing on this thing. =) AND you helped me with my blog too! SEE?!? :D

Nicholas said...

Anonymous - I know who you are ಠ_ಠ stop posting as Anon!

Rodzilla - haha thanks for the support bro, I'll keep doing this so long as I have money for food... which is hopefully indefinitely.

bionicgrrrl - I think... they might be permanent fixtures on the Mister Donut menu now. Makes it less exclusive, but still awesome.

esther - werrrrd. Except I secretly stalked ML well before I started writing. I just never had an excuse to meet any of you :p


Sue said...

Yayyyy happy 2nd year! Hope you have more food and happiness coming for the next year!

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog randomly and I love reading it. In fact I went through and read every single one of your posts because it's so entertaining. your writing style makes me laugh. yay. good job on your blog.

joanh said...

congrats again!! here's to many more years!

Danny said...

hurray for two years! here's to hoping for two more!

Nicholas said...

Sue - hopefully I have a job next year so I can continue to eat like I do... in CA... so I can have In-N-Out.

Anonymous - some people would tell you that my writing style is befitting of that of a middle schooler (like several of my HS teachers). That might be true actually. In any case, thanks for reading!

joanh - and thanks... AGAIN!

Danny - here's hoping to more than that. Or until this whole food blogging thing gets shunned by society, and maybe a couple years past that.

Sue said...

Whaaat, CA?? Be prepared for more than In-N-Out then! Though NYC places are prolly nicer, we've got some other decent burger spots, too :)

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