Monday, August 30, 2010

Deep-fried cheese potato (起司馬鈴薯)

Cheese + fried potato

Mashed potatoes aren't really a staple in the everyday diet of Taiwanese people. Actually, most stereotypical American foods aren't (except for corn... they freakin' love corn), but if you fry any food item you can think of, Asians will probably eat it. I promise you that. In yet another stroke of genius, mashed potato is molded back into ellipsoid shape of a whole potato (so meta), dipped and battered in panko breadcrumbs, and fried until you get a giant nugget of soft potato wrapped in a crispy shell. If making a giant sized french fry weren't bad enough, it gets dissected, stuffed, and covered with pretty much whatever the hell you want on top of it. Cheese? Of course. Pineapple? Sure! Hot dogs, octopus, and broccoli? I was just about to curl up and die in excitement.

I chose to get the one that's basically their sampler. You get less of every topping (and none of the nifty ones like octopus), but you get a bit of most of the basic ones. As advertised, they pull a freshly re-fried potato from a vat of oil, cut a cross in it, and begin piling shit in like no one's business. Bacon bits, ham, turkey, corn (can't not have corn), pineapple, broccoli, mayonnaise, and a hard boiled egg get mercilessly piled on before cheese potato guy scoops two spoonfuls of hot cheese (American of course!) over the entire creation. It's beautiful (in the sense that you can't really look away from roadkill)! It's like you'd expect, a bit too much for your mouth to comprehend simultaneously, but at the same time, with flavors ranging from sweet to tart to savory, it's as confusing as it is delicious. Texturally, it's like eating mashed potato... but with the occasional crunch of a french fry crust. I don't know anyone who hates french fries... so there ya go.


You can find this in 士林夜市 (Shilin Night Market), where there exists a duo of carts serving the same thing. Both had massively long lines, and to be honest I couldn't tell if there was any difference between the two beside their names, and the fact that one used guys to advertise, and one used girls. Uh, good move girl cart. Anyway, for 55 NT ($1.75) you can get a fried potato, slathered in cheese, and piled to the sky with crap that you might, or might not, think belongs on a fried potato... slathered in cheese.


AJ Hwang said...

Holy shit! How did I miss that when I visited the Shilin Night Market like...five times already? Now I have to somehow squeeze in a last visit (before I leave tomorrow) just so I can get my hands on that concoction.

Rodzilla said...

I support your decision to not make one and instead get everything piled high on some starch n' chee.
Great photo, I didn't think that flavor combo could make me hungry...but it did.

Sue said...

mmmm look at all that gooey cheese....

Nicholas said...

AJ Hwang - it's on the main street that runs parallel to the MRT track, not the diagonal one of the old night market. There's 2 stalls, but yeah... girls. I guess you'll be going to the other stall haha.

Rodzilla - I kind of wish I chose a more unique one though, like the wasabi pineapple one. I think the spicy sweet tartness would've been cool too.

Sue - IKNOWRIGHT? There's so much goo that I could basically drink it after the potato was gone.

jamie said...

this makes me want to cry. it is so beautiful

Nicholas said...

I did cry, because I was so scared of all the foreign flavors in my mouth at once. Honestly though, it's quite good.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, just wanted to let you know that I think your photos are awesome and I used a few of them for one of my blog posts (

I've made sure to credit you as the source and linked to this blog. :)

Do let me know if you're not ok with this and want me to take it down!

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