Monday, April 19, 2010

M2M... summarized

New Yorker from M2M

I've been told of a mythical place near Bowery, a 2 story version of M2M. Hopefully I'll get a chance to visit it before leaving NYC. Anyhoo, back to the point of this post. I love M2M. Probably more than I love Hamdel. If it weren't so damn far across campus (yes I will sit and row for hours, but walking across campus is an ordeal for me), I probably would never go anywhere else. Let that be a testament to how much I like this little deli. In fact, despite the distance I need to walk, I've gone so much that the Filipino guy behind the counter knows my order for a cheeseburger. So clutch. Lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles, and ketchup on 1 side only. I do this because they really like to pile on the ketchup. Anyway, I'll do something similar to what I did for Hamdel, and I'll pick 8 sandwiches that I happen to like a bit more than the others, just as a 'suggestions' list for when you're confused by all the options.

  • New Yorker - Pictured above, it's basically a Philly cheese steak that uses cheddar and bbq sauce instead of red/green peppers and wiz. To be honest, I only took that picture because I was impressed by how oily it was. Grab some tums, but the shine on the bread doesn't do the taste justice.

  • Spicy Grilled Chicken Wrap - Simply... grilled chicken (covered in Sriracha), mozzarella, red beans, rice, avocados, and lettuce. It's spicy enough to make you hate your mouth, but the mix of avocado and red bean gives for nice textural variation. You can sub any type of chicken in here btw. Actually, they might get pissed at you, but if you ask often enough, they stop caring.

  • Cheeseburger Deluxe - Uh, this is going to sound really stupid, but for $5.42 (it used to be $4.91!!!) it's a really good deal. Their burger isn't all that incredible, but they put it together for you... unlike Hamdel, and it tastes more like real beef haha. No, but the real reason you get this is for the fries. They're fried in the same oil as their tempura shrimp, so they pick up the same flavor.

  • Roll Broadway - Turkey, swiss cheese, onions, and... cranberry sauce. I fuggin' love cranberry sauce. You put that on any sandwich and I'll order it. This is no different.

  • Hot Roast Beef - A combination of roast beef, meunster, and gravy... oh and some other nonsense like lettuce and tomatos. It's nothing incredible, but it has gravy in it. Anything is better when it has gravy in it right? Hm, that's up for debate, but their gravy is pretty delectable.

  • Turkey Gobbler - It's like the hot roast beef, I like it for the gravy. It's just juicy turkey breast (which I think might be left over from the lunch time hot food trays) and gravy. I mean, of course there's other stuff, but those are the main points. Have I mentioned it's sandwiched by garlic bread?

  • Honey Bunch - Grilled chicken in honey mustard plus swiss cheese... and spicy honey mustard for that extra bit of kick. Actually, I can't taste the spicy aspect at all. I really like honey mustard though, and this hits the spot. Most people probably wouldn't think it's anything special, and it's not, but you could do worse.

  • Fresh Turkey Wrap - Sorry, this is cheating. It's the same thing as the Roll Broadway, just in wrap form. Uh, have I mentioned I really like cranberry sauce? Heh, yeah, I guess I don't really have 8 sandwiches I like at M2M.
I guess most of the novelty in M2M for me is the fact that they sell Asian drinks and snacks. Not really in the sandwiches. That's not to say the sandwiches aren't pretty incredible on their own, just that milk tea makes everything taste better. Also, I haven't seen Yakult sold anywhere else in the UWS, and that makes me sad. On a related note, I bought coffee soda there once. Where'd that go? I thought it was pretty good. Maybe I'm the only idiot who was willing to try it. Sigh, that's unfortunate.


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