Friday, November 13, 2009

The absurdity of Koronets Pizza

Remember that giant slice from Koronet's? Yeah, well Dominic came up with this awesome idea of getting a full pie. Just because it'd be super epic. Or as Daven would say... "stupid epic." Anyhoo, enjoy the picture of the pie in all its glory. Total cost was $31.50, but only because we got a full pie + 1 slice for Chris haha. The plan was for Dom and myself to finish 4 slices a person, but after pulling a 5k moderately hard, I could only bring myself to eat 3... which is not to say I couldn't have more, just I didn't want to feel like crap after eating. Contrary to popular belief, I actually like enjoying my food. Why did we get Koronet's instead of going to that place in Brooklyn? Well... because Davenport Sutton had a 40 page thesis he had to submit, and we felt guilty going without him. Super brolove.

Dom with the pie, I have to give him full credit as getting Koronet's was his idea. Pretty winner. Almost as much win as spandex. Almost.

Oh, and there's me with the pie. Just as a mention, it should be noted that the Brooklyn pizza challenge is a 16" pie to be completed within 10 minutes. That is approximately 201.06 square inches in pizza. Koronet's slices are 14" in radius, therefore, with 3 slices, we're already looking at 230.91 square inches of pizza. I did not finish in 10 minutes, but I did do so in roughly 30, savoring every single last inch of greasy cheese. Rocco's pizza... come January, I'ma make you my bitch.


John said...

2 hours, one person, one full Koronet's pizza...make it happen

Nicholas said...

If you pay for it, I'll do it on Sunday. Have I mentioned I'm broke?

Rodzilla said...

Eat hunter gatherer style - only participating in eating challenges.

More google ads on page, I just clicked one to help ya out.

Money woes = over.

Nicholas said...

I don't think I'm allowed to ask anyone to click my ads... that violates the agreement ;). Besides, there aren't enough eating challenges in NYC. If anyone has any clue as to where there are any, definitely let me know?

Tiffany said...

mmmm, Koronets

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