Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween everyone!

So today's Halloween. No I'm not going to make a real post because I'm still super tired. So instead, I'm just gonna post a picture of the pumpkin that Chris and I carved. I'm an engineer and he's a biochemistry major, would you expect us to carve anything different (No μ does not count)? Actually, even such a simple shape gave us a surprisingly difficult time. First off, we don't really have the appropriate tools for this job, so we're just stabbing blindly into the pumpkin with a really sharp knife. Second, my fine motor skills need refining, so that probably adds to the difficultly level as well. In any case, this took us much longer than it probably should have. On a related note, this is our smaller pumpkin, we have another that's maybe 3 or 4 times the size... any suggestions on what to carve into it? We were thinking the rowing lion, but there's so many jagged edges that it seems overly complex like something we'd mess up so yeah... still haven't decided on that.

Here's a bonus picture of Chris washing the inside of the pumpkin of its seeds. Specifically for the one deviant who has something for looking at pictures of Chris (yes I'm exploiting my friend for readership...).


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