Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Scallion pancakes from... um, I'm not sure where

I haven't made any posts recently, and honestly, I have no excuse for that. My job ended last Friday (well... technically Saturday), and I've kinda just been sleeping a lot... so yeah, it's not because I haven't had time to post. In any case, I have a short story to tell. When I was a kid, I used to love scallion pancakes. I hated pretty much everything that had any hint of fish, and most fatty pieces of meat, or anything remotely different, so my food choices were severely limited. My grandfather would always get me scallion pancakes, of 蔥油餅 (if you're inclined in reading Chinese), which would always make me happy. Pieces of oily dough (and I mean oily) were rolled in a basket filled with diced up scallions, and then dropped onto a hot plate skimming with oil. The dough would be pressed out into a larger circle of desired thickness, which is largely dependent upon the cook's preference, and allowed to swim around the pool of oil until fried to gb and d. Fresh, and still burning hot from the oil, the pancake would be shoved into a paper bag (soon to become transparent) and placed in my hands. Me being the fatass that I was, and still am, would shove the entire thing in my mouth disregarding any sense of pain. It's okay, since the deliciousness would dull the burns. Uh, yeah, that's pretty much the end of my crappy story. Anyway, located on the corner of a small alleyway on 和平東路 (He Ping East Road), there exists a hut... that's all it really is, which sells these golden concoctions. There are no tables, nor anywhere to sit, but the line stretches 20-30 deep during lunch, with each person buying upwards of 10 pancakes. Was it really worth such an absurd wait time to eat what you could buy from pretty much anywhere?

My god yes! For 25 NT (70 cents or so) you can either get their scallion pancake, a turnip pancake, or um... I actually forget the menu since it was so long ago (but I do remember +10 for an egg fried on top!). It was everything I remembered from my youth, crisp exterior, soft layered interior, and the familiar taste of peanut oil and scallions, and make no mistake, they did not skimp on their scallions. As far as if I would go back? No doubt, I actually went to look a few times afterward, but I had always already eaten beforehand, so it would've been excessive, but I do reminisce about this place often haha. Think about it, what kind of nutjob would go and buy 10+ pancakes if it wasn't that good (there's many many nutjobs if that adds to their reputation lol). Anyway, go look for it if you're in the area, I've gotta warn you though... it might be a bit tough to find.

Oh yeah, I think I'm gonna give up on the run counter (not because I haven't been running lately... which, actually I haven't), but because I realized that I've run into the same problem as when I was rowing. I stopped running because I found it enjoyable, but rather I did it to boost my personal odometer. I think part of the reason I started to hate rowing, and erging as a result, was because I was too focused on reaching a certain distance achievement (not unlike those useless achievements in Halo 3...). I don't want that to happen with running or biking, so in the future, I'll probably just... run. I'm sure everyone was pretty sick of the running portion anyway ha.


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