Thursday, September 24, 2009

Peking duck pizza, are you kidding?

Okay, so this'll be a really short post, since I'm just waiting for my lazy friend to wake up so we can go biking... but, trust me... it's a good one. In America, people are used to large warehouse type places like Costco or Sam's Club, but in Taiwan, where there is a distinct shortage of real estate, megastores that sell things in bulk are pretty hard to come by. Enter Costo of Taiwan. Same thing, slightly smaller, but still huge in the eyes of Taiwanese people [insert dirty joke here], the only thing that's changed? The stuff you buy in bulk isn't boxed mac and cheese, but rather... Pocky (a multitude of flavors btw), Calpico, or you know... Heysong sarsaparilla instead of Coca Cola. Oh, I forgot to mention, their food court is drastically different as well. How you ask? Look at the picture in the upper left hand corner... yea it looks just like a regular pizza, except... it's covered in Peking duck! Instead of tomato sauce, try 甜麵醬 (er, I don't know how to translate that, it's the sauce you put into those thin pancakes when you have Peking duck). Then to replace normal onions, you have scallions. To be fair, the pizza wasn't amazing, the crust was kind of soggy (I did carry two boxes back from 10 miles away on the back of one of those Vespa scooters, so you'll have to be understanding), it was overly doughy, and lacked the char on the bottom. Whatever, you find me a Peking duck pizza, and I don't care if the crust tastes like cardboard, I will still eat it. So undoubtedly I'll recommend this to anyone I know, don't get your hopes up that the pizza itself is amazing, but the novelty of it still hasn't worn off.

Also on a complete tangent, I'm really sorry to the Asian woman I plowed ran into at Central Park yesterday. I realize it was a walk sign, but the whole stop go thing really threw me off. The probability of you reading this is virtually nil, but my conscience tells me to post this.


Preston said...

I know California Pizza Kitchen had Peking duck pizza back when I was a high school junior (2001). If I recall, it was pretty much exactly the same as your description.

Nicholas said...

UGH, CPK, a franchise I loathe, but if that's true, I'll be trying their slice just to see how it stacks up. Thanks!

Angry Asian said...

My face still hurts. Red means stop.

Anonymous said...

I share the same thoughts on CPK, but I did like their beijing kaoya pizza, unfortunately the last time I was dragged there I found that it has been removed from the menu... Not a huge loss, it was neither good duck or good pizza, but it was the best thing they had!

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