Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another win for Taiwan... McDonalds

There are some comforts in life that don't ever fade away. Things like getting caught in the rain during the unbearable heat of Summer (okay, that sounds kinda fruity), that first cut into a birthday cake, all in their own way, they bring back pleasant memories that are satisfying, every... single... time. McDonald's is also one of those comforts. Think back to when you were a kid, and you'd be overjoyed about the prospect of going to McDonald's, getting a Happy Meal. A meal and a toy all in the same trip haha. Then as you got older, and you progressed up the chain from the plain hamburger to the quarter pounder... then eventually the Big Mac. It's something almost every kid I know grew up with (mmm... maybe not everyone thinks of their burgers as a friend that grows old with them, but that's how I choose to picture it). To prove this point, I actually know someone who is impossible to wake up for any reason, yet often gets up early just to go have McDonald's breakfast (here's lookin' at you Rich). Anyway, I'm getting off topic... my main point is, McDonald's = classic comfort food. As such, can you imagine how stunned I was as I passed by a McDonald's in Taipei and saw an advertisement for... wait, what the hell is that? Yep, it's a 4 layer Big Mac. Let that sink in for a moment, the humble 'Big' Mac of the US is comprised of 2 3 oz. patties, which to be honest... leads for a poor bread to patty ratio. Now you get the same amount of bun for 12 oz. of quality beef. If you think about most of the diners in NYC, their burgers top out at 8 oz. for a regular burger. I'm getting 150% of size for about 50% of the price... what's not to like? So yeah, color me impressed. Now how was it in terms of taste?

Well... it was a Big Mac. You know how it tastes, so I won't describe that, but uh... it was oddly satisfying (for a normal person I assume). In fact, if you really wanted to, I'm sure you could separate the buns and combo them into two individual sandwiches lol. The reason I said normal person is because I actually routinely had 2 or 3 of the combo meals at once (usually after 10 pm, at which point... super sizing is free!). So yeah, nice job here McDonald's, you've created a winner... oh, the best part... it is 145 NT (a shade under $5) for the meal, with large fries, and your choice of drink, which in Taipei includes green tea or iced coffee. So, um... when's this coming to NYC McDonald's?


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