Thursday, September 17, 2009

Unknown (by me at least) Japanese place at Taipei Main Station

I told you I was a curry nut this Summer right? Well, I'm trying to make my posts in chronological order, so if you see back to back to back curry katsu posts, I most likely had them for lunch or dinner on consecutive days. Back to the point, I went to um... oh right, I have no clue of the name. It's not because I didn't try to catch the name or forgot or anything, it's because neither my mom or I could decipher the hieroglyphics the owners printed on their stupid menu. Listen, I understand that calligraphy and shit is awesome, but when you're making your strokes so artsy that the customer can't even read it, then it's a problem. What wasn't a problem though was the prices. So if you go to the underground mall at Taipei Main Station (and it does span a ridiculous length, and go to the end of one of the halls, you will find an assortment of restaurants (actually there are probably 3 halls that fit this description... but), across the hall is a stinky pot shop, and right next to this shop is another, more upscale, Japanese restaurant. Er, since I'm terrible at explaining, just go by the address in the first picture. Anyway, this shop looks pretty crappy. The tables aren't exactly matching (or level for that matter), the chairs follow suit, and the entire store is crowded as hell. So, why eat here? Oh yeah, the amazing prices. They have specials of 60 NT (less than $2) for either their katsu curry or their fried chicken cutlet curry over rice. Winnar. To the food I say...

The katsu curry was good for 60 NT. Nice crispy skin, still hot enough to burn your mouth, so rest assured no hygiene issues existed (I think...). The pork was tender and juicy, not overcooked to oblivion, so that's another plus. The curry didn't really taste all that special, but I wasn't really expecting an orgasm in my mouth for $2, so I guess if I had to describe it I'd say it was more than adequate.

The chicken kind of creeped me out a little just because... well it was still kind of bleeding. In Taiwanese places like this, there's no such thing as sending food back to the kitchen (unless you're a dick and want spit in your food), so I just ate it. I mean, it was good... again for $2, you shouldn't be expecting anything remarkable (now if you bump that to $5+... haha then I'd expect a lot). In any case, it was cooked properly, aside from the bleeding, crispy skin, tender and juicy, blah blah blah... everything I said about the pork applies here too. In any case, I don't think I'd tell you to go out of your way to try this restaurant, but if you just got pick pocketed (likely given the surroundings) and you only have $2, you could do worse. Wait... 7-11 always has... ha nevermind.


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