About Me

Mouth full-o-stinky tofu

Why'd you start this blog? Haven't you heard that there's enough Asians writing about food?

Eat a dick yo. No, but in all seriousness... I used to be fat. Then I lost weight. The end. Awesome story is awesome.

To expand on that... when I was fat, food was an escape from reality. If I was eating, then I could distract myself from whatever was bothering me at the time. This blog exists to remind myself that eating is an experience that should be savored and not something that should be done out of boredom/frustration. In its current iteration, this blog serves much more as a form of stress relief/entertainment for me than anything else. It's nothing more than a collection of meals that I find memorable.

So... how fat exactly were you?

A shade over 210 at my heaviest at about 5'7". At that point in my life, I had two main love interests... root beer and the internet. Stairs were not my friend.

Oh man, you used to be really fat! What possessed you to lose all that weight?

A girl called me fat. Not to my face of course... didn't make it any better. True story. What a bitch right? Also, my cholesterol was something like 240+ and my doctor told me I was going to die. Mostly the girl thing though.

That must've been really hard! How'd you do it? What's your diet look like?

Sophomore year of college, I'd go to the gym really late at night (when all the super jacked guys were gone), sit my fat little ass on the stationary bike and pedal the fuck out of it. At first it was 10 minutes... then 20 minutes... eventually I was spending hours on that stupid thing. After a few months of this, one of my best friends talked me into trying the erg... which in turn culminated in me joining the crew team. Over the course of about a year, I went from 210+ pounds to 130. I currently weigh about 145, and I couldn't be happier.

With regards to my diet? Don't follow what I do. I am the poster child for bad nutrition. Even as I was "dieting," I ate a buttload of ice cream, cake, fried chicken, Chinese food, pizza, and everything that should kill me. I still do. I'm not sure how exactly I'm not dead.

You're so mysterious and intriguing... how can I learn more about your life?

Thanks! Tis the life of a 20-some year old bro at Google. If there's anything you actually want to know, hit up the contact tab above and send me an email.