Friday, May 22, 2009

Tim Tam Slams and prunes

First off, I'd just like to ask everyone for a moment of silence... Tim Tams are no longer sold in Target (only place to get them in the US is the Tuck shop in NYC). With that said, when I got home, I had found a gold mine, that is 2 boxes of pristine unopened Tim Tams, one box of caramel and one box of original chocolate fudge. A plethora of ideas raced through my head... should I just down them with milk... should I bake them into a cake... should I just stuff them into my mouth? No, all three ideas, while certainly not without merit, couldn't compare to the joy that I would get from performing a Tim Tam Slam. For the unaware, the Tim Tam Slam is the act of biting off opposite corners of a Tim Tam then proceeding to suck a hot beverage through the cookie as if it were a straw. Once the innards of the cookie have taken on a moist consistency (this will happen quickly) the outer chocolate will also begin to melt. At this precise moment, and it is an art if executed properly, you stuff the melting chocolate cookie into your mouth. If your choice of beverage is coffee like mine was, you get an indescribable mocha aftertaste. Seriously, everyone who hasn't had a Tim Tam is missing out. A note to anyone who wishes to perform this awesomeness... put the Tim Tams in the freezer prior to attempting, it will maintain the structural integrity of the shell a little better.

Oh yeah, I lied... yesterday I said all I'd do today was eat and take a recovery day. Nope, I felt terrific this morning, plus how often do you get mid 60's weather with low humidity (don't answer that... I know it happens all the time)? Anyway, I did another 9.72 miles. I have to be completely honest though, I had to walk probably 1.8 miles of that distance... not because I was tired, or because my leg hurt, or something that would make complete sense. The reason I had to walk was, uh... because I had prunes? I think I probably referenced this before, but that motivational poster where that marathon runner shits his pants... yeah, I didn't want to be him haha. Oddly enough, the part I walked was actually in the middle of the run. I'm not sure how, but I managed to sprint the last 2 or so miles at a 6:40ish pace, kinda crazy now that I think back on it. My devilish plan to run 100 miles in the 2 weeks prior to Taiwan is well on its way, I think I'm actually way over for pacing actually.

distance for the day: 9.76 miles
distance biked for the day: 0.00 miles

distance on the year: 195.39 miles
distance biked on the year: 142.68 miles


Orchid64 said...

TimTams are sold at one of our local markets and I absolutely cannot buy a package of them because I know I'll eat too many too quickly. They are so good. I can only trust myself if I can find a small individual size package. ;-)

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