Thursday, May 7, 2009

Productive, I am not

Ever wonder what my desk looks like come finals time? Not really you say? Well here you go anyway. It's a wonder I get any work done in my room. Just to note, I was studying... it just so happens that I study with 'King of the Hill' playing in he background... and with food blogs opened as well. Quick summary of what's actually on my desk... Asus W7J which is actually kind of dying (will replace when it dies entirely or when Calpella comes out, whichever comes first), Macbook Pro (not for long, sad panda), 20" Dell lcd (a bit old but it works like a champ), 32" Sharp Aquos (my reward for getting a job at the beginning of the year), and Dell Mini 9 (to replace said Macbook Pro as my classroom distraction). Why do I need 3 computers? I don't, I just like having 3 computers.

For those of you who wonder why I have a Macbook Pro despite hating Apple with a passion... it's from work, and I (sadly) have to return it as of next week. Yes, I'll admit that I've kind of fallen in love with having it as a spare notebook. Despite the fact that I find them to be way overpriced for the hardware they're selling, Apple has really done a solid job on the Macbooks, they can really take a beating. Anyway, I just thought I'd make this post as a means of distracting myself from doing real work. I think I succeeded... but really I'm failing in life. Irony.


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