Friday, May 29, 2009

5 days... also, I'm running out of good titles

I didn't do much yesterday. I was supposed to pack for the trip, but yeah... that didn't happen. The day consisted mostly of me drinking coffee, intermittently drinking green tea, playing xbox, and eating spinach. Wash, rinse, repeat. I liken packing to problem sets (or for the non engineer... writing a paper). If I don't do it now, I'm 100% sure that it will get done when it needs to be. Worse comes to worst, I'll throw a bunch of spandex in a bag, pack my computers, and be done with it. Everything is so cheap in Taiwan that I really don't worry about having to buy stuff later on. While it's true I might have to wear shirts with things that are grossly misspelled, but who cares when it's $3... er 100 nt.

Morning run today was surprisingly good. I had a weird kink in my foot for the first half mile so I didn't want to run too far from my neighborhood. Somehow, I convinced myself that the pain wasn't that bad and kept running... at minimum I wanted to finish the 5k. Well, by the 3 mile mark I felt fine, and I was fairly close to my street so I just kept looping around other neighborhoods (all within a 2 mile radius of my house), and somehow ended up just short of the 10k. It's looking as if my 100 mile goal might've been a bit ambitious, considering I was averaging around 30 miles a week prior to that, but I shouldn't fall too short. Then again there's the off chance I decide to put a couple half marathons in when the sun comes out to play which would make it feasible again, but we'll see. Anyway, 5.71 miles in 46 minutes... I'll take it.

distance for the day: 5.71 miles
distance biked for the day: 0.00 miles

distance on the year: 227.14 miles
distance biked on the year: 142.68 miles


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