Monday, May 4, 2009

On hiatus... sort of

So for the next two weeks, I probably won't be updating, with regards to food anyway. I'll still use the blog as a tracker for distance ran/biked, but yeah... with finals and all that jazz, I probably shouldn't be updating at all.

Don't judge the distance I biked today as me being lazy. First off, I actually pulled a 6k on the erg beforehand (remember I said I'd like to get decent at rowing again?). I held a 2:09 split, which a couple months ago I would be embarrassed about, but it's honestly not too bad a starting point. Secondly, there was an old man who got on the recumbent bike next to me who smelled rank... how the hell do you have body odor PRIOR to working out?

distance for the day: 0.00 miles
distance biked for the day: 9.06 miles

distance on the year: 106.63 miles
distance biked on the year: 115.00 miles


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