Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Death of the Gobbler (and turkey bowl)

Turkey bowl w/cranberry sauce (Wawa)

I'd like to ask for a moment of silence for the 'Turkey Odyssey' at Wawa. All good things have to come to an end. I knew that it wouldn't be around forever, I just didn't think our hot juicy passionate (and gravy laden!) affair would end so soon. To be honest I kind of took it for granted when it was around, but now that it's gone (until next year)... I realize how important it was to me. On December 12, 2010... the Wawa Gobbler met its demise, disappearing from the magical touchscreen at Wawa... replaced by a 'prime rib' sandwich. Disgusting. Prime rib from Wawa? You're just a cheap substitute, you could never replace the Gobbler in my heart.

This post actually isn't about the Gobbler. Nope, as awesome as the Gobbler was, there was something that won over my heart in the past few weeks. Along with the splendid creation known as the 'Gobbler,' the 'Turkey Odyssey' included a variety of hot turkey bowls as well. You could combo the standard turkey and gravy with your choice of stuffing, mashed potatoes, or mac and cheese. It's basically like when Chipotle lets you get burrito bowls instead of burritos... but with cheap turkey and gravy and those other things I mentioned instead. You have the option of getting cranberry sauce added on top. DO THIS (well... next year).

Mac and cheese!

Aww yeah... mac and cheese from Wawa. I won't pretend that this shit is any better than cheap Easy Mac (prepared really well), but goddamn it hits the spot. It's buttery, cheesy, and all sorts of creamy (when you don't get the scoop at the end of a batch). It fills all the requisite characteristics of a decent mac and cheese, and not one bit more. When you top it with oddly processed hot turkey, a ladle of gravy, and refrigerated cranberry sauce, it evolves into a bowl of sensuality... all for $2.99. It's not that this is 'better' than the shorti roll with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce... it's just different (not demented different). Paired with a buttered shorti roll for only $1.19 more, and you basically have a hobo's version of a Thanksgiving meal.

Wawa protip number 2 - If you can though, tell them to chill on the butter. Almost every time I neglected to ask for this, it tasted like someone creamed a cow onto my roll. Normally I'm all for butter, but I'm pretty sure associate 'Kevin' was trying to kill me with heart disease.


Kevin said...

I am. I work for the health insurance industry.

Rodzilla said...

That turkey does not appeal to me. You can still get a KFC famous bowl.
/wawa hate.

Littlest Stephy said...

There is nothing like a hot steaming delicious bowl of fake Thanksgiving "Odyssey" to take the stressful out of the holiday rush. I weeped a little, myself, when I went to satisfy my stress with one of these the other day and they were gone! I only got to enjoy one delicious bowl...and not even with the mac n cheese.

I guess I will wait with baited foodie breath until next year.

That prime rib sandwich can go find its brother over at McDonald's for all I care. UGH!

Nicholas said...

Kevin - well good for me that the delicious Turkey Odyssey has come to an end.

Rodzilla - Wawa > KFC. Sorry, I respect opinions and all, but you're just flat out wrong man. Don't hate before you've tried.

The Littlest Stephy - Werd. Someone who understands where I'm coming from. It's not that this stuff is phenomenal or beyond compare, it's just... always there when you need it. Except not anymore.

Darkseid said...

Why all the hate on the Prime Rib sandwhich. It is by far my favorite. Pepperjack cheese, onions and hot peppers and you have yourself a cornucopia of happiness.

Nicholas said...

Darkseid - haha, I grew to love it too, but if .sort() were applied to the Wawa pantheon of sandwiches, the Gobbler is still king.

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