Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jimmy's Sister (Pyramid Pizza)

Jimmy's sister (Pyramid Pizza)

Some things I recently learned about food carts after going to the row at Drexel: there are actually two Gigi's Caribbean carts, there are two George's Lunch trucks, and you can get sandwiches filled with mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, fries, and chopped cheesesteak. Love. Clearly ripping off the idea created by the Rutger's 'Grease Trucks,' one of the carts, called Pyramid Pizza, has a full menu of sandwiches in which he puts things that are bad for you together inside of bread (all coming in at under $5). What a guy... he's out to kill me, and at a reasonable price too!

Instead of following the regular naming convention of 'Fat + name' he decides to make his creations part of a family. Of course you have the father, the 'Big Fat Jimmy,' but then you also get the rest of his dysfunctional family... Jimmy's Sister, Jimmy's Wife, Jimmy's Brother, and probably a few more relatives I'm forgetting.

Cross-section of the 'sister'

My choice was obvious. Jimmy's Sister looked easy... too easy. She also had the most to offer in the family. A beautiful 10" hoagie filled with all of the above ingredients, she was the crown jewel of the menu. At $4, you get a sandwich packed full of artery clogging components. Yes, the mozzarella sticks, the chicken fingers, the french fries, and the chopped steak are all reheated from the frozen variety, and it's true the cheese is probably not of the finest quality, but that's to be expected. This thing isn't supposed to be good for you, it's just supposed to make you feel good (and then bad).

Steak innards

Arrrrgggghhhhh~. This is the sound my heart makes when I shove bite after bite of trans-fats down the throat. It's actually curiously interesting... this sandwich is nothing really special, but once that first bite of melted cheese, marinara, fried chicken tenders, and cheesesteak hits your taste buds, you can't help but continue wolfing down the remainder. It's like you're mind is programmed to think 'this is bad for me... it must be delicious,' completely disregarding your personal health in the process.

Gooey cheese + beef

To be honest, I don't really remember too many distinct flavors in this sandwich. Everything just kind of melds together to form a homogeneous taste profile in your mouth. If you made me describe it in 3 words or less... I would probably say it tastes like 'fried,' 'cheese,' and 'fatty.' Would I say it's one of the best sandwiches I've ever had? Probably not. Would I say that it's fucking awesome and deserves to be tried by anyone who's not a health nut? Hell yes.


Rodzilla said...

lol "Jimmy's sister looked easy"

Donny said...

that thing looks scary

Sherry said...

That looks.... AWESOME! Where is this place? lol...

Nicholas said...

Rodzilla - oh and she was. It went down easy.

Donny - despite how frightful and imposing the sandwich is, it's actually pretty compact and innocent looking in person. It's dense as crap though.

Sherry - know the row of food trucks between the Drexel buildings? Near 32nd? It's like the last one in the row.

Barrett said...

I walk by 32 and Chestnut all the time and have never seen this place. What are their hours?

Lisa L said...

This truck also used to have really great zeppolis... one of the reasons I made it through Drexel in one piece.

I also wanted to say thanks for covering Philadelphia joints so much on Serious Eats! I feel that Philadelphia so often gets unjustly overshadowed by our neighbor to the north.

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