Saturday, November 27, 2010

Burritos from MexiCali Cafe

MexiCali Burrito Kitchen

The number of burritos I've eaten over the past week is no laughing matter, and I'm not sure why I've gone on a bender either. Maybe I've gotten kind of bored going to Kim's all the time, or maybe it's because I'm kind of embarrassed the guys at Wawa recognize me... either way, Don Memo, has made quite a bit of money off me lately. Wanting to throw some variety into this whole eating thing, I decided to give MexiCali a spin. They supposedly have a cart on 38th and Walnut (which I've seen occasionally), but it's harder to come by than a leprechaun on speed. Undeterred, I walked my lazy ass 4 blocks (not NYC blocks!) to their actual location.

Oh and it was a glorious hole-in-the-wall kind of place. Not like Greek Lady, which got bastardized to infinity and beyond. Nope, this place had a real homey type feel, just chillin' in a small corner shop location.

Behemoth of a burrito!

Even though their website is kind of bootleg, their burritos sound incredible. I was kind of torn between the combination burritos... I wouldn't mind having plantains stuffed inside, but french fries are also a welcome addition in pretty much everything. I ended up going with the San Diego Chicken for about $7, which when unwrapped, turned out to be quite a behemoth of a burrito, about 10" long and weighing more than a trio of baby pandas (3.5 ounces if you're curious).

Chicken San Diego burrito

Glorious innards! The chicken was alright, a tad on the dry side, but the guacamole and cheese more than made up for that (it wasn't very evenly dispersed). The guac and the salsa were more than adequate, although they lied about the salsa being spicy, but obviously you order this for the fries. They lacked the satisfying crunch of a double-fried fry, but the mushy texture was decent in combination with everything else. Basically, they replaced beans as the starch of choice, and since fries are less healthy than beans, I'm down with that.

As far as how good they are, I don't think there's any denying that they're pretty damn satisfying for the price, but I'm pretty sure I'd still rather go to Don Memo. That dude makes good burritos.


Barrett said...

I had the San Diego with steak the other week and thought the same thing about the fries: Decent, but if the fries were crispy, this would hands down be an unbeatable burrito.

Rodzilla said...

I suppose keeping fries crispy in a burrito would be kind of tough. If they pulled it off, I'd probably make the trip to Philly.

Nicholas said...

Barrett - I'm a sucker for cilantro, so Don Memo will always rank a notch higher for me, but yeah... crispy fries would've been awesome.

Rodzilla - not TOO difficult I don't think. A double frying would've done fine. Just think, if McDonald's can do it... surely anyone can!

Danny said...

french fries inside a burrito... man, that kind of defy some laws of burritos doesn't it? yo what they need to do is stuff some waffle fries in that bajesus. mm....

Nicholas said...

Danny - werd. Waffle fries dipped in maple syrup + plantains + chicken. That's my dream waffle.

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