Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gyros from Greek Lady


As I recall, Greek Lady was a cart that served low priced gyros that would make you sick about a third of the time. Greek food from a cart with meats of questionable origin that might or might not have you befriending the toilet = awesome to me. As dumb as that sounds, there's something that just feels more genuine when you get cheap eats from a cart. It's just different when you see the proprietors every single time, and you know they're the very same people who take your order and make your food. Simply put, it's more personal. When I came to Penn, I was kind of excited to go to that crappy little cart, and to build a beautiful relationship with them, but I found that they had been replaced... with a full sized restaurant.

What is this shit Greek Lady? You have a website now too? Lame. Instantaneous loss of street cred. I was devastated. Since it's not really fair to judge their food based on their choice of cart vs. restaurant, I did my duty as a fat ass and trekked on over to 40th street to have another one of their gyros.

House gyro (Greek Lady)

The House Gyro ($6.25) is basically just a pita with marinated pork, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, french fries, and tzatziki sauce. There's nothing out of the ordinary here except for maybe the french fries being inside of the sandwich. I mean... it was an okay sandwich, but nothing spectacular. Not too far off from a generic gyro sandwich from any street cart in NYC... plus french fries (which weren't all that great). Color me disappointed Greek Lady. After 6 years of buildup and expectations... the trademark is an average/overpriced gyro sandwich? For shame. Maybe if they were still a cart, I'd feel different. Maybe if I had friendly banter with the person making my food I'd be more impressed, but it currently feels like they're trying a bit too hard with presentation, and not enough on the food.


Anonymous said...

Aww, I find it sad that when small food joints expand and decline in quality =[

Nicholas said...

munchimonster - to be fair, it's probably not a decline in quality, I think I just have lower expectations/bonus points for carts :D

Unknown said...

i was work there i get fire because i going open my own place at 52 and pine and tell me i competition for them really is at rule like can help competition ridicule but hey come to 52 and pine fresh taos and nachos and pizza

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