Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's-Its at Google HQ

Magical case of ice cream treats

Yes, they are just that magical. Like unicorns that fart rainbows, It's-Its are fantastical ice cream sandwiches that float delicately amongst the clouds, just dripping in molten chocolate. Or at least that's what the drawing on the small freezer case of ice cream promised me. On my last excursion to NYC, I made another trip to Google HQ to visit a buddy of mine (whose name shall go undisclosed, lest I get him fired). It was fun, I got to try hipster fruit drinks made with agave nectar, I replaced most of the Guitar Hero high scores with my own, complete with inappropriate names, and... oh yes, I got to have It's-Its.

Last time I ate at the cafeteria for their burger, Robyn mentioned the existence of an ice cream sandwich that was pretty awesome. I was kind of annoyed at my friend for holding out on me, so I made it a point to remember to get one on a return trip. From what Wikipedia tells me... It's-It ice cream sandwiches began in 1928, and are only sold in California, and luckily for me, available for freeeeee at Google.

It's-It wrapper

Sweet ass custom wrappers. How cool is that? So yeah, if you haven't figured out what they are yet, It's-Its are basically a 1" thick layer of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two oatmeal raisin cookies, and dipped in decadent dark chocolate. Fuck yeah heart attacks.


Taking pictures of it kinda sucked. People kept walking in and out of the upstairs pantry giving me dirty looks. I'm not entirely sure if it's because they think taking pictures of ice cream (when it's melting) is weird, or if it's because taking pictures of Google stuffs is frowned upon.

It's-It innards

Phenomenally delicious. The chocolate layer is like that of a Klondike bar, but it fills all the crevices of the oatmeal raisin cookie, giving it an uneven texture. The chocolate itself is darker and richer too. Maybe a bit too rich. The cookies? They were nice and thick, with a strong buttery flavor. Didn't really get too many raisins in there (probably too healthy), but I'm not really complaining. Last, but not least, the ice cream wasn't anything to brag about, but certainly passable as part of the equation. Basically, it's a giant puck of frozen win.

Know how good these things were? When we were waiting for the elevator, which takes a long time since it's on the top floor, I grabbed and finished another. When the elevator finally came, I had a split second to decide if I wanted a third, and of course the answer was yes. After I had finished three of these babies, I finally had a chance to glance at the nutritional facts. Each one has 49% of your daily maximum for saturated facts. Was I disgusted with myself? A little bit. Will I do it again next time I go? Probably.


Robyn said...

YAAAY OMG YAAY AWESOME I love those things.

Someday I might ask you to smuggle one out of there for me. :)

Nicholas said...

Robyn - dealsies, the only reason I didn't this time is because I thought it'd probably be bad bursting into SE HQ with only like 2 or 3 haha

Rodzilla said...

yeah..but you also got 3 grams of fiber!

I wish my friends worked at google :(

Dominic said...

om nom^3.
They were very delicious, too bad Google hasn't decided to turn a little extra profit by selling them. I'm tagging along again next time you go.

James said...


I especially love the secret elevator ride up to the It's-It chamber. Oh, look, it's the floor that consists of nothing but ice cream sandwiches! This is one reason I'm fine with Google owning a large share of my brain someday -- they know that it's fundamentally linked to my stomach.

kim said...

Wonder how much this will go for on eBay. :)

Anonymous said...

If you live in Southern California, you can find them at Albertsons.

Nicholas said...


dominic - next time I'm bringing a box. I don't think they care about the marginal profit of selling It's-Its though...

James - even that part is magical. My friend actually told me that I should run out and just grab a few before going back to the elevator (since it takes forever to get up there)

kim - empty wrappers? LOL probably not much. Maybe if I started an underground market in NYC though...

Anonymous - SoCal... always tempting me with ice cream, In-n-out, and California Girls T_T

Danny said...

man they need to sell this shit in New York! what are they thinking? I need to find my way to S.F. and try these things. Getting into google is too hard. haha

Anonymous said...

Don't go to SoCal. Come to San Francisco. We have In-n-out too (although not as many). And we have gigantic burritos. And we're the home of It's-Its, the real San Francisco treat.

Nicholas said...

Danny - nah, if they started doing that, it would be too common, and the exclusivity thing would go to crap. Gotta keep it special. You're right, getting into Google is too hard :(

Anonymous - if I could find a job there... I'd go in a heartbeat. Also really good Asian food too. Problem is... finding a reason to go out there.

esther said...

OOOOOO I wanna go to Google and eat Its It TOO!

If you replace - with H, it becomes somethin' else. =) just sayin!

Nicholas said...

esther - great... now I'll think of that next time I have one.

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