Thursday, April 2, 2009

No I'm not trying to kill myself with food (also I'm getting fat)

I know I didn't update my last post yet, but I couldn't help it... I've been bogged down this week with a crapton of work and feeling like hell (in general... I even took 2 off days from the gym, imagine that). Also, I've realized... I'm getting kinda fat. No not like obese, but pudgy, complete with a mini gut and everything (did I mention my fear of developing bitch tits?). Anyway, as I was running this morning, I realized how much it hurts being out of shape (both physically and mentally... haha), so as an added bonus to the food related posts, which will still appear despite what I plan to say next, I am going to start getting back to eating healthier and blogging about my training. I'm sure my running and biking tales aren't exactly the types of lore that tales are written from, but it's mostly for me to keep myself on track. From now on, there will be daily posts, if only just to make a note of how far I ran or whatever. Hrm, and random photos of char siu gyoza?

distance for the day: 4.23 miles in 30 minutes (running)


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