Sunday, April 5, 2009

Damn you crafty farmer's market people...

I feel bad for tagging this under running, because if anything, what I did today can't even be considered running. What I did today was an injustice to great weather, a light problem set load from my professors, and to my own body.

First off, after yesterday, I vowed to restart on my normal schedule, and that includes eating. Yet, when you go outside on a gorgeous Sunday morning and see the farmer's market people selling donuts, how can you say no? At 50 cents a piece, these things were fantastic (better than those I had at Union Square Market). Okay, so no pictures again, even though it was literally across the street from my dorm, but anyway, I bought 1 single plain whole wheat apple cinnamon donut and went down to westside to pick up some egg beaters, some veggies, and some yogurt (it was on sale, and is my temporary replacement for cottage cheese... don't judge me lol). Then on the way back, I got a sugared version of the same donut. The second time, after the guy asked, "Back again?" I remarked, "Yeah... these things are addictive, you guys are gonna make me fat." His answer? "That's what we strive for." Great... your goal in life is to ruin me. So back to the donut, dense but light... wait... what? It's hard to explain, the donut is cakelike and moist so it's heavy, but at the same time it's not oily or 'clog your arteries' heavy. It almost feels like it's good for you... but trust me it's not. Later in the day for lunch, since I had no clue what to make, I went to buy an oatmeal apple muffin. Same guy, same story... apparently, no one buys the no sugar added apple muffins, I of course would gladly trade off those calories so I said it was fine. He proceeds to plop two muffins into my bag, saying, "There's a lot left over, so I'll give you two for the price of one!" Once again, the muffin man... er, I mean farmer market man gets me. So in the end, I didn't cut any calories, I just stuffed my face full of more homemade goodness. How do I classify him... is he a 'friend' or is he an 'frienemy?' The muffins were just like the donuts, nothing but high praise. Ginormous and (insert every description I had about the donuts here), for $1.75 they weren't terribly expensive, especially when you get 2 haha. So if you're up at Columbia on a Thursday or Sunday, do my local farmer's a favor and buy a muffin or donut, or really a dozen donuts wouldn't be pushing it.

About that run, mid 60s weather, low wind, I was planning on running to Trader Joe's to do some health food shopping, but I had to stop at the 72nd street boat basin before deciding to turn back. Seriously, I felt like puking... but with all the people out because of the weather, I obviously couldn't haha (see? considerate... me). I had to resort to walking before I got to the 96th street exit, for a grand total failrun of... 2.61 miles, and at pace I don't even want to think about calculating. I think the eating's catching up with me, so back to the week... back to eating healthy, and hopefully back to 135 by the end of the week.

distance for the day: 2.61 miles in... um, let's not talk about that

distance on the year: 12.88 miles


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