Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pizza cones (eZ's Pizza)

eZ's Pizza

As I perused the very same street fair where I found the durian ice cream, my eyes were instantly blinded by a giant chrome sign that had the word 'pizza' plastered on it. Okay, maybe that didn't happen, but I did take an extra glance at the stand it occupied. Pizza isn't overly popular in Taiwan, at least, not to the extent that it is in the United States, so when I come across places that serve pizza not named 'Pizza Hut' or 'Domino's,' I'm usually pretty fascinated by their offerings (when you consider the fact that they have abalone and mayo as standard toppings here, I usually expect a lot more from other places). Thus I present to you 'eZ's Pizza,' which stuffs cheese, sauce, and toppings into a cone for what they describe as a 'clean and on the go slice.' See Slice for more in depth details/for some background.

Pizza roll billboard

Actually, the real reason I stopped was because of the billboard. I won't lie, those pictures make the product look pretty sick. The flavor combos in Taiwan didn't fail to impress, as they stepped up toppings to include shrimp, corn, pineapple, and the full assortment of ice cream flavors you'd expect to find at 'Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.' They get bonus points for not using grilled chicken, but rather teriyaki chicken... I guess they cater to the clientele on each continent individually. Anyway, I was pretty hungry, and nothing else there really looked all that appealing. I figured that it only cost 50 NT ($1.50) so it was cheap enough to waste money on.

Pizza wrap thinger

Hrm, how did it taste...? Well, unlike Adam's cone that he got in NYC, the outer crust wasn't like a pastry at all. It was actually a decent representation of the pan pizza crust at 'Pizza Hut,' straight down to the fact that it made the inner layer of my napkin translucent. I ordered the salami cone, just so that I'd have something a bit more familiar to compare with normal slices, but was greeted by several layers of cheese, sauce, thinly sliced salami, and... corn? Yeah, Chinese people love corn. That doesn't mean I want it in my pizza cone thinger. Minor gripe, get over it, I know. Anyway, if you read the SE article, it's basically true... it's not as good as a regular slice (although mine didn't cost $4.90), it's layers of pizza topping that get baked repeatedly in a convection oven, then stuffed inside a breadlike crust. Was it good? Meh, not really. Was it awful? Wouldn't go that far either. Let's just say I basically paid 50 NT to take pictures of it, and that I would never buy it again. One last complaint... my cone does not look anything like those on that billboard, hrmph.


The Thirsty Pig said...

Where did you find eZ's Pizza in Taipei

Rodzilla said...

Thank God you opted for traditional toppings. A pizza cone with pineapple would be blasphemous to the slicers..and we've seen just how seriously serious eaters can be about their food (luther burger post) :p

Nicholas said...

@the thirsty pig there was a street market/fair thing in front of Taipei City Hall. I think it was only for a day. I tried doing more research on where there'd be a store, but I can't actually find proof of it existing (aside from a blog that's now defunct)... it said Sogo's food court has it though.

@rodzilla eh, i really wanted to try the pineapple one, but i kind of missed the regular pizzas of america... *sigh*

joan said...

oh it wasn't good? that's too bad! i've seen these online and wanted to try one

Nicholas said...

@joan i don't think anyone should take my opinion too seriously haha, i'm certainly no expert when it comes to food. i just... didn't really think it was all that incredible? it's certainly satisfying in that it's really cool, and it doesn't taste awful, but it's not something i'd pay a premium for over regular pizza.

LIN said...

haha they have those at raohe night market! it's an odd way of eating pizza. btw, if you want some good pizza, go to mary jane (shida and gongguan)! you won't find corn on pizza there :p

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